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Please Ban!


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To whom it may concern. I could not find where to post so I posted here.


I was In a server tonight around 3am EST.... A kid by the name of EvilSkyd3 Prod. came into the server. I know him, he was In my old clan =EcG=. The founder banned him from our ventrilo/cod4 game servers. I have a demo for you to look at.

In-Game Name- EvilSkyd3 Prod.

GUID- 2ab4f779




also goes by the alias of skyde23


Here is a youtube video I found of him using hacks..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYvfkXvvrbs...yer_profilepage He get his hacks from ***EDIT***





xfire- juniorjamesbitch

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Do not post links to cheat sites.
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If the server you caught him on is streaming to PBBans, then you're going to have to send the demo to the server admin, who is the only person that can submit the demo to PBBans in order to be put on the Master Ban Index.


If the server isn't streaming to PBBans, well...you can't submit it.


What was the server IP you caught him on?

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