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new to pbbans, i need admin attention with account

~xS DamageControl

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:mellow: I made a mistake with my first attempt to register. The email address I used was wrong. :mellow:


This is the mail address that is wrong

[email protected] is possibly not even valid. the N should be an M

Account info is identical to this account now im using, so should be easy to find..

same name

date of birth

pass etc..


No in order to register I had to make a few changes to get in, but would like them fixed for my records,

and my old memory.

my user name is wrong: "damagecontorl" if possible change to useser name: "~xS_DamageControl" with or without underscore.. whichever works..

log in name is fine... if not possible, thx for trying.


either way, :rolleyes:

I look forward to viewing and chatting about this stuff. I'm new to hackers and there types. i find it very interesting to see so many cheater

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