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AA 3.0.3 Patch Released


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An Open Letter to the Community

An Open Letter to the Community

In response to comments from the America's Army community, and based in no small part on their assistance in identifying issues, we're pleased to announce the release of an AA3 patch that addresses many of the issues we've idenitifed.


The patch is available now both through our AA Deploy Client and Steam. So update your game now, and get back to playing America's Army 3! Here's what's in the patch:


AA 3.0.3 Fixes/Changes


  • Removes Password from AA3Launch.log
  • Fix for MBS not working after server changes to a new map
  • Fixes TeamReady in Mission Preplanning
  • Updated authentication SDK to improve reliability and performance.
  • Fix for freezing on training mission load
  • Improved performance on loading maps/training missions
  • Fixed several small memory leaks
  • Fixed performance issue with server that caused it to load UI elements into the server (where they aren't needed) and thus use up additional CPU and memory.
  • Modified training authentication so it is more efficient
  • Modified AMD negative delta time exception handling so it no longer stops the server or client, but just logs the event
  • Fixed Admin add Player Admin
  • Fixed Admin kicking of players. Now works properly with Soldier name and has optional kick by player ID
  • Add new AdminListPlayers to get list of players and their player ID's
  • Removes most of the server log spam, especially that tied to missions and mission setup and ROE
  • Fixes several issues related to ROE firing off when player is bleeding, asphyxiating, or falling after being wounded by ROE
  • You can now strafe on ladders so you don't get stuck in Pipeline or Obstacle Course. Strafe too far and you fall off, just like AA 2.x
  • Modified program startup to clear out any old ATS temporary files.
  • Improved scoring messaging support for training missions
  • Fixes several scoring issues
  • Optimizes more of the authentication code and adds better exception handling in it.
  • Adjusts STS (stats) integration to better detect invalid objects to avoid crashes.
  • Fixes issues with single player stats not correctly initializing all of the time
  • Adds feedback to UI when player purchases training until purchase is complete (says "Purchasing")
  • Modifies MBS to track how many players are playing vs. how many players are on the server (player + Spectators) and now MBS browser only shows the number of players (so the count won't exceed max players)
  • Turns HUD off whenever menu is activated (still an issue with battle planner activation the first time, however)
  • Adjusts the close menu logic to always close properly so double menus should no longer happen


Source: AA3 Deploy Client.


Downloading and installing now, let's see if it fixes this stuff!

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