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Windows 7 Support?


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Not the usual Win 7 question, we all know, or atleast should know, PB does not support Beta/RC Os's (or software?)


Was wondering, will PB work on Windows 7?

What games will be supported?

I play Call of Duty United Offensive, atleast I did till I started using Win 7 Beta, now Im on Win 7 RC.


Is the PB team working on PB for Win 7?

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PB will work fine with W7 when the OS is released to the marketplace(RTM). As of now, it's hit and miss on which games work with the Windows 7 RC. I had COD:WW running, but not COD4. You're going to have to play around with it yourself to find out what works and what doesn't.


I'd recommend dual booting with either Vista or XP to play your games while the OS is in it's beta stages still.

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Thanks for confirming that it will work on Win 7 from RTM onwards...


Im unlucky with COD UO, tried the work arounds found by google etc, but nothing works. So cant wait for RTM/full release (october?)


Dont do dual boot, did but not anymore, not just for the sake of 1 game,

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