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not a justified ban


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I was kicked from the [9]'s server for MD5Tool Mismatch: osp/off.cfg (http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=9057), and I don't believe that this is a justified ban because the cfgs I was kicked for couldn't qualify as being hacks.


In my osp/off.cfg = bind mouse1 "+attack"

and in my osp/on.cfg = bind mwheeldown "+attack;centerview"

bind mwheelup "+attack;centerview"


This was just something I messed around with when I was bored, but anyhow in order for the centerview to work against the enemy they have to be standing straight up and down (which hardly is the case with everybody crouchleaning and jumping), it would take more skill trying to kill someone with this cfg than it is to just aim normally. Anybody can bind the key so it is convenient for them to hit while they are shooting (would they be considered hackers to?). I wish to be taken off the banlist for these reasons, thank you.

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Allow me to add:


I suppose that the MD5 Tool searches for keywords such as "on" and "off" as to find something related to some sort of toggle cheat. If this is true then I could create a blank config with with the name of "on" or "off" and get kicked for it even though there is nothing in the config. Just for that reason, this definately is not a justified ban.






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Maybe not, maybe yes....

Who knows ?

Must i believe in your words ? Can you prove what are you saying ?


These files are from one known cheat, that's the reason that you have a ban.


I can believe in you, but i can't be sure that you are speaking the true.....


It's just my opinion.



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I honestly have a problem with someone who cannot follow what is plainly shown on the main website.....regarding appealing a ban.


The MD5Tool check for the cfg files (regarding automatically placing those violations on the MBI) was removed. Your ban was removed.


In the future, if you ever get another violation.....please help us help you.



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ya i got kicked for ph.cfg and i didnt get taken of stupid bs

Well maybe if you went through the appeals process, someone might take you seriously, but then again I guess its a lot easier sitting on the side lines causing a fuss :huh:

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OR maybe i did......Hello,


Please join a PB enabled server and get kicked. Then send me exact word for

word kick message that you receive. I need to know what file you were kicked for. THe kick will tell you.




On Tuesday, January 18, 2005, at 05:52 PM, Hunter Overstreet wrote:



Id like to appeal my ban i am sending you wut i got kicked for. Heres what happened my friend gave me a cfg that he gave his whole clan. I named it ph.cfg so i execed it in a server and got kicked for MD5 TOOL MISMATCH. I don't see how I got kicked for this but you can check it out for yourselves.



Well, this is not a ban that EvenBalance issued. Nor is it something I can remove. You need to talk to the server admin to get this resolved.




On Thursday, January 20, 2005, at 08:31 PM, Hunter Overstreet wrote:



I only got kicekd once... and i dont get kicked anymore im just on ban list and its weird so i think i should be removed bcuz it was a cfg file i got kicked for

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Smartasses are bred world-wide.


Major.....if you would be so kind and resubmit your appeal.


Just because you were kicked once......doesn't mean anything in my books. You could get kicked for using a multihack.....once....and use the oldest excuse....and it still would be the same thing.....cheating.


If you were to also read what was posted above....you would see that all .cfg files were removed from the bans parser......we are still going through and removing the bans as they are appealed.

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