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New Clan Needs Help


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Hi guys


I have just registered on this site, and had a good look around - looks great!

I have recently formed a new clan -=ECM=-, after playing sof2 for about 1 year or so.

The problem i have is that i have very little experience with admin and especialy utilizing pb to its full potential. If u go to my clan homepage and read the rules it states quite clearly that i WILL not accept any cheater / hacker.

To this end i would appreciate some serious guidance from your good selves.

I have ftp access and have played at looking at auto ss and user cvar, and also have tried bindsrch.

for cvar i use punkbusterlogparser to try to find cheats, but as yet i have not been successful in the bindsrch area - as in i cant find any srch criteria - (what am i looking for) do u have a log i could look at??

Also - when users have altered their cvar and are using cvaruser what am i looking for, i have seen users with upto 99 usercvar on the server so far but i have not a clue what i am looking for - Please help

Sorry for my rambling post but just typing questions as they come into my head.

Any guidance would be massively appreciated!!



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