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Hi there,


My name is Lee Johnson and I own a company called ZealHost that is based in the UK. ZealHost offers web hosting that does not empty your wallet but offers more than you would expect at the price.


ZealHost was born of one man's endless search for a good company to host his websites. After changing hosts many times he realised how frustrating it was to find a decent web host. ZealHost was born out of that realisation - and now tries to epitomise everything a web host should be.


Big companies now offer unlimited hosting, but don't be fooled by this, unlimited is impossible in computer resources (Disk space + Bandwidth) and they only oversell their servers. Unlimited is a marketing term to grab people's attention which equals more money but at a cost to you when your performance drops. Unlimited attracts customers who use their services for download mirrors/video audio streaming and other high resource users and the person who ends up suffering in the end is you.


Here at ZealHost we offer hosting solutions for FREE! And we are committed to bring you quality over quantity as we do not oversell our servers which many are located across the globe. All packages include unlimited features and additional disk space and bandwidth is available if needed. All accounts are automatically set-up from any location you choose.


We also don't forget about our existing customers. Most companies give special discounts to new customers only whilst leaving their loyal customers in the dark. ZealHost has its own unique affiliate system. This enables you to give friends/family a referral link. Once clicked it will place a cookie on their machine and if they become a customer within 90 days you get 10% commission of whatever they buy to go towards your next bill!



100MB Disk Space

400MB Bandwidth

Unlimited Features (Same as our paid packages)

Free Sub-Domain

Price – FREE!

|| Order ||


500MB Disk Space

1024MB Bandwidth (1GB)

Free Sub-Domain

Unlimited Features (See below)

Price -

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