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I wanted to make you aware that I & 2 other partners have started a game server company called Epic Game Servers. Our website address is http://www.epicgameservers.com which we provide game servers as well as web hosting.


For technical questions, please email Mark Reese, Technical Administrator, at [email protected].


For sales questions, please email Kevin Todd, Sales Administrator, at [email protected].


We offer not only gaming servers, but professional servers as well. If there is a specific service you require, I will do my best to provide the service at a reasonable price.


Limited Time Offer-While They Last


Chicago Game Servers - Now On Sale!


Public - $1.19 per slot

Private - $.79 per slot


Dedicated Game Servers - $95


Intel Atom

1x 1.6ghz processor


250 GB SATAII 7200rpm Drive

1024 MB DDRII 400 RAM

100 Mbit Burstable Uplink

2,500 GB Data Transfer

3 Free Usable IP's


Fast Setup Times


Control Panel

Donation system

Cancel Any time

99.9% Uptime

Earn $ for each referral

24x7 Support

Install any game

No Setup Fee


Suitable for around 50+ slots.

Free website hosting and free voice hosting


Voice Servers - We sell Ventrillo & Team Speak


Speical Ventrillo - $.30 per slot


Customer Testimonial:


Our group has been around for three years and we've rented servers from about six different hosting companies off and on during that time. They were all either too big, had poor customer service, had inadequate hardware, went out of business, or some combination of those.


We decided to try EGS and have been very happy. Not only does our server appear very stable with low pings, but the staff is very helpful, professional, and friendly. I even had a couple of phone calls from support just checking to make sure I was all set up and happy on my end. Phone calls!!?? Are you kidding? That's the kind of personal attention I'm getting from this company. Never came close to that with other hosting companies. These guys are making a sincere effort to do it right.


Can't say enough. Highly recommended.




B3 - We also offer B3 on all COD servers.


Clan Packages - Just starting your clan, we have special clan packages that will suit your budget.



Please let me know how I can help you & your clan. Visit us today!


Best Regards,


Andy Fowler

Operations Administrator

Epic Game Servers

[email protected]


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We are currently running a special promo on per slot servers, voice servers & dedi servers. Please visit the link for details:




If anyone has special needs, please send an email to [email protected] with your needs.



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