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Wanting to report a Cheater


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p.s. reference this thread http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5437

"VERY IMPORTANT! When recording the demo make sure you are spectating the player in "1st person view" the "USE" key puts you in first person mode when spectating. If you don't already have a USE key binded select one in your game options.


As soon as possible open the console and type/pb_plist and get a screenshot of the results to submit with the demo later. Next type /follow # (The ID number shown on scoreboard for that player) and from now on each time he dies you will be able to re-open console and using your "up arrow" key can bring up that last command quickly and keep entering it until he respawns.


In the case of an obvious aimbot you only need a short demo showing multiple kills. Once you have plenty stop recording. You can always start recording again for your own amusement but there's no need for 10 min demos when the cheat is obvious in the first 60 seconds."

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i have a screenshot and condump of a guy busted by pb for multihack but he was only banned for 5 min?

is this normal or what should i do with it?


this is from condump"PunkBuster Client: Removing 'Darth Sion' c76d (5 minutes) Violation (MULTIHACK) #70137

Darth Sion You have been kicked via PunkBuster (for 5 minutes) ... Violation (MULTIHACK) #70137"

i tried to load picture but this site wont let me

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The server that the multihack originated on....will have that violation in their PunkBuster logs....hopefully, they are streaming their logs :)

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