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PBBans Policy For Harboring Cheaters


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Recently there have been a number of SGA's that have been notified that members of their clan have hacked and subsequently ended up on the PBBans MBI. Some of these SGA's have challenged the PBBans Zero Tolerance Policy - citing that PBBans cannot dictate how they manage clan members.


Just to make it totally clear to all of our SGA members:


If a member of your clan is on the MBI (specifically the
- we do not chase up clans for taking on members banned by other organisations), for any game - then you are harbouring a cheater. It does not matter when or where that person was caught. It does not matter if the game is no longer played, or if the ban was 5 years ago.


All Streaming Game Admins are expected to take all reasonable measures (GUID/IP searches on the MPI/MBI before recruitment) to prevent cheaters from being in your clan or organization. If it is found that a cheater is in your organization the following steps will be taken:


If a clan is found to be harbouring a cheater (as defined above), and has not taken action themselves to remedy the situation - the Team Account owner will be notified by private message. No other parties will be informed of the situation - and it will be handled discreetly.


You will be given 7 days to remove that player from your roster. If the player wishes to appeal, then the 7 day timer stops, until the appeal has been accepted or denied. If the appeal is denied, you will be given 7 days from the date of denial to remove the player from your team. If the appeal is granted, then you are no longer required to take action.


If, after 7 days have passed, no appeal has been made and the member is found to still be representing your clan in any way (that includes using a new GUID or changing alias) then your account will be
. You will not be notified of this. Your servers will stop streaming, all team account members will lose SGA access, and you will not be permitted to log into your AccountCP.


This is the last resort in terms of action taken by us. If, after your account is suspended, you take action and remove the banned players as required - then your account
be reinstated. This is discussed on a case by case basis and no guarantee is made that you will be allowed to stream. Please refer to clause 11.2 of our terms of service for more information.


To reiterate:


If your clan harbours cheaters and does not take action within a reasonable timescale - your account will be suspended, with no guarantee of reinstatement.


The above policy may seem harsh - but in the current climate, our system depends upon trust between every clan member, SGA and staff member. If we find that you refuse to take action against caught clan members, then that trust is broken.


We understand that 99% of all of our SGA's despise cheaters - and take the correct action against caught clan members without us needing to say a word. It is never a nice experience for the clan leader, and we appreciate the dedication that most clans show in maintaining a zero tolerance policy. Some recent events, however, have made it necessary for us to reiterate this policy - and make it quite clear as to our standing on harbouring cheaters.


If you have any questions regarding this, or any other of our policies - then please feel free to contact any PBBans staff member or Admin, and we will be more than happy to clarify things for you.


Thankyou for your continued co-operation and support.

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