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Ok, now this is a good one!

You guys all are familiarized with how to submit a PBSS.

You put the first one, and tells how many more you will submit. Then you send all of them.

Wouldn't it be good to have something that once you checked it, it would ask you for your comparison shots? On the second submission screen?


The same code, like how many PBSS? 7 ok then submit 7 PBSS. And then how many comparison shots? 3. Then submit 3 comparison shots. If you don't select that, then nothing will happen really, but it would be nice to have it since it can save alot of topic searching for the Staff.




And another suggestion. Support Ticket System, this way if we go into trouble with our account or any hack submission problem... or anything else that is up to "high ranked" pbbans people, we can submit a ticket and all the SGA from that account will know what's going on, and it would also save staff from topic searching since it can be programmed for what type of support goes to whom.

Example: Submissions problem goes to Johnny

Account problems goes to Mario

Streaming problems goes to Linda

and Johnny, Mario and Linda wouldn't need to search topic for someone having those problems, the system would open a ticket for them to read on a place only them can have access..


There's a topic that I've made on a SGA discussion board about it... But I was told to post here... here it is http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=97452


gr Bruno

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