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  1. Its a good card for the price Taz.Have had no issues with my EVGA GTX 550 ti fpb card.
  2. wth

    Borderlands 2

    Will be looking forward to this one.Think the first one has been one of the best game's I've really enjoyed in a long time.
  3. wth

    What do you think about BC2?

    +1 Pretty much covers it for me.Did enjoy the beta but Seems they did more damage with the patches than they did good.
  4. wth

    New Website Theme Launched

    Nice work.Really looks great.
  5. wth


    Picked it up yesterday and really enjoying single player so far but agree with Maydax that its not worth $60.Not tried mp yet so can't comment on it.
  6. wth

    Kick Punkbuster 1337 minutes

    Looks like a local ban from that server.You need to get in contact with the clan running that server to get it lifted.
  7. wth

    Server lags

    +1 on lowpinggameserver's.
  8. wth

    Server lags

    +1 give Live and low ping game server's a shot.We've had 2 BC2 server's up and running and have had no problems what so ever with them.
  9. The repeat ss's is a know issues so wouldn't worry about it.
  10. wth

    [COD MW2] No dedicated servers or PB

    Same here Road.Didn't buy it and not going to.
  11. wth

    Welcome Back 2009

    Glad to have ya back and good job guys on getting everything back up and running so fast.
  12. wth

    Strange Crosshair

    The missing part of the crosshair happens on sample rate 2 screenshots.Nothing to worry about.
  13. wth


    Check that info and its coming back to a #89183: Violation (GAMEHACK) and that does come back to a valid Psb ban. Will add the ban id for that is V01A74E6A in case you want to appeal.
  14. wth

    welcome msg.

    No sure don't sorry
  15. wth

    welcome msg.

    Sounds like that server is also using admin map tool as admin map does display player global score/best kit and a few other bits of info. Here's more info on it if you like to look into it. http://adminmap.bf2cc.com/info.html

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