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  1. HSMagnet

    Whats up with GGCStream ? OFFLINE ?

    they are back, at least the website is responding
  2. HSMagnet

    Spybot Anti-Beacon Windows 10

    https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/windows-10-hosts-file-blocking-telemetry-is-now-flagged-as-a-risk/ Windows 10: HOSTS file blocking telemetry is now flagged as a risk
  3. HSMagnet

    application denied

    @Antoux you may add Canonballz to the team via the ACCcp button at the top of most pages be sure to go into the permissions menu and give them appropriate admin rights
  4. HSMagnet

    application denied

    thanks for for that. you have no idea how many people become enraged and just leave after the first try.
  5. HSMagnet

    application denied

    have one of them register on the forums and apply
  6. HSMagnet

    application denied

    unfortunately, we cannot take anyone's word on these matters. security is of utmost importance. do you have another GUID or another admin in your group that can apply?
  7. HSMagnet

    application denied

    the submitted GUIDs have been used in several countries. we have no way to know that you are the only one to use them. we must treat them as "leaked" and in use by several people. this is the first security test and has been failed
  8. HSMagnet

    Streaming account

    you are not playing on the GUID submitted on your team since 2018 i have no doubt you changed GUIDs when you garnered the Global Ban.
  9. HSMagnet

    Streaming account

    GUID 00000000000000076561198283300147 Game Americas Army Proving Grounds Global Ban Globally banned by Even Balance
  10. HSMagnet

    Trying to register my server

    have you tried this guide? https://www.pbbans.com/info-center-hubguide.html realize you must also apply for a streaming team https://www.pbbans.com/streaming-application.html
  11. HSMagnet

    Battlefield Games On Steam Now

    Gabe wins
  12. HSMagnet

    Awaiting Application

    do not hijack threads. stick to the one you already created
  13. HSMagnet

    BF4DB doesnt care about cheaters

    and thus i don't play PvP games anymore
  14. HSMagnet

    GUID search Soldier of Fortune II

    Beginners Guide Hub Streaming Guide

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