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  1. HSMagnet

    win 10 fulnerability patch

  2. HSMagnet

    Neue Top 100 Clanliste

    google translate:
  3. HSMagnet

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2018

    Athbhliain faoi mhaise dhaoibh and thanks, @Talk2dabullet
  4. HSMagnet

    Destiny 2 F2P

  5. HSMagnet

    Destiny 2 F2P

    started playing after steam migration w/ base game going free to play. almost 400 hours in. i took the sucker's bet and got DLC/current season pass
  6. be sure you are not calling for PBSS too often. that will definitely cause issues
  7. it is possible it does not like running with so many other game instances the engine for CoD games was added to for each version and there are things in there from the original version cluttering up the code
  8. if epic gives in, they really are epicfail i already refuse to buy anything on their platform
  9. you cannot change it. delete it

    enter the new server with correct IP: port

  10. thanks very much, both of you you guys are the reason i am still here banging my head against the wall. proves that it wouldn't take much to insure the goal was met. if only it wasn't the very few keeping us afloat thank you both
  11. i guess we may be at the end of days
  12. dropped my $5 i wish i was able to do more and subscribe. fixed income/disabled and i still donate when i can. i really cannot wrap my head around communities that do not care about keeping their servers clean

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