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  1. Hallo. Seit mehreren Monaten bin ich RottiBalboa2000 gebant - GlobalBan.... tickt habe ich geschrieben aber keine Antwort bekommen? Warum bin ich gebat bei BF3 und bei anderen nicht? 

    Bitte um Hilfe 


  2. Hi friend! Help me active a server... tks

  3. I would have liked to see the clan banned from all esport competition for at least 5 years for making such a request.
  4. You need to read this very carefully .... it will tell you the correct organization to contact re your global ban; https://www.pbbans.com/global-punkbuster-ban.html
  5. The correct port for AAPG streaming is 7778 I added the correct server IP/Port for you and the server is streaming nicely. I left the original server IP/Port on your team account ... just delete it once you have taken a peek.
  6. I have been awol with some health issues myself and was deeply shocked to pop in here and be greeted with this news. Sabret was recruited as a PBBans staff member 4 years ago, primarily as a league coordinator/ league advisor. After a short while she offered some of her free time to assist in other aspects of the PBBans "behind the scenes" workload and turned out to be a quick learner with a natural practical ability for anti cheat work. Always fair minded, honest and straight, she will be sorely missed by the rest of the staff.
  7. https://www.pbbans.com/forums/announcement-do-not-test-cheats-a1-in-forum319.html
  8. Your friend triggered a cheat violation via punkbuster software. Even Balance who are the creators and maintainers of punkbuster software always have the last say when an appeal is made concerning their own software. Your friends appeal was made on June 04, 2014 (a full 8 months after being detected) and he got a reply the very same day from an Even Balance staff member; We never lift valid bans. If your friend wants to play on PBBans protected servers he will need a new Origin account and a new game.
  9. We had an issue with new forum registrants over the last 3 days or so. Everyone who registered during that time period will have to re-register so our basic vetting procedures can be instigated. This is a necessity because the basic forum account and its unique ID number is tied to a lot more than just being able to post on our forums.
  10. The server has been added to your team account and is not streaming. It's up to you to get it streaming, all you need advice wise is here; http://www.pbbans.com/info-center-hubguide.html All you need to remember is to use the rcon port to set things up.
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