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  1. Maydax fixed the Issue, for whatever reason it wasnt getting removed. the ban is no longer being enforced, but thats what happens when people are trying to fix something for you. Thank you to Magnet, Greeny, Foz, and Maydax for assisting in fixing this and putting up with the attitude that came with it.
  2. kinda like when you get a new car. then you notice EVERYONE has one of them too

  3. bahaha no worries, us purples can joke like that. i was the only one for a long long time, then they decided that there were other important people too lol

  4. ROFLSNATCH!! shows how much i pat attention

  5. haha thanks! i was the first purple =)

  6. belated grats on the purple

  7. - Master of the Grenade Launcher

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