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  1. Ha looks like EADM just with a chat function ....
  2. Happy birthdayyyyyyyy tooo youuuu :)


    Have a nice day.

  4. Happy BDay Buff hope you have a great day :D

  5. :P Only reason BC2 servers were and are empty is the game and maker SUCK. I bet that wont happen with CoD BO but they need to raise the limit from 18 to 32. I used to run a 48 slot CoD4 server and loved the madness but have been bealing with the low amount on MW2.
  6. I for one game to have FUN... i bought MW2 and have had a blast since release gonna do the same on Black Ops. The old games were fun and all but there dead now....
  7. Nope in my mind its not cheating dunno why people think it is..... plus im figuring your basing this on the BF games yet u posted in the CoD2? maybe im wrong :P
  8. :P i want my dedicated servers but either way im buying the game no matter what they do with it. I play MW2 everyday and love the game it has its got its down side but the main thing i care about is having fun.
  9. :( i wont be able to nuke everyone in CoD:BO :P
  10. :P guess ill have to start playing on my ps3 ill defiantly be getting this.
  11. Congrats buddy on the promo :D

  12. Happy Birthday to you too!! :)

    Grab some beers and have fun, bro.

  13. Happy Birthday Buff hope you have a nice day.

  14. You should protect your pc better. There are many people around here that use good antivirus software to help protect there pc and will never have there keys stolen.
  15. Deleted it for you the new one can be added whenever you want now :)
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