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  1. Benway

    Help - Punkbuster false positive

    preliminary notes: We are not punkbuster (as you might have noticed), neither is EA EA wont help you, allthough we arnt PB we might: if you cooperate - i.e. do your homework (as you have been told in post #2) --> https://www.pbbans.com/info-center-clientlog.html post it. [optionally, search for string: Kick ] ... an error report with no description (shrug report) leads to nothing; as i can see your log on a streaming server, we eventually can cut this short: [07.21.2018 01:07:00] -> PBSV: RESTRICTION: ranzid1975 (slot #12) [*13b18fb5(-) 162.*:3659] Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrA.exe [07.21.2018 01:07:01] -> PBSV: Kick Command Issued (RESTRICTION: Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrA.exe) for (slot#12) ... ---> your turn: https://www.pbbans.com/info-center-pbsvc.html#install
  2. Benway

    PBBans GUI MD5Tool

  3. Benway

    Streaming help

  4. Benway

    Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

    Lassies Mother.
  5. Benway

    I need to explain something

    i concur with Rollin_Coal_aka_WootWooo, feel free to quote & link to this topic. Additionally i may stress, PBBans does not keep or maintain gaming-'accounts' of players whatsoever, this is a construct used by the BF-world (besides others, steam etc.); general differences and overlappings are represented in this topic : https://www.pbbans.com/forums/how-to-interpret-the-mpi-t161996.html
  6. Benway

    MS Admits Win10 Upgrades Went Too Far

    just another sporting ambition to get rid of GWX kb3035583 nag - there is another cheap fix ... theres no kb3035583 in wxp :runs:
  7. Benway

    I am banned ? GUID 7ff09b8d

    2 1 1/2 confirmations, from what i can see: - GUiD BF4 0625c46a472cdd26eac56f857ff09b8d is globally banned by EvenBalance; - EB website was down during the last few days - now it's back http://www.iidrn.com/evenbalance.com.html , so give it a go now.
  8. Nice. Anybody wanted to add a remark on "community-driven anti-cheat" here? Like, what a"useful" thing that was? Or like, a hardly ever working anti-cheat was better than sod all? Just thinking. (after silently bearing all the nonsensemongerish i had to read elsewhere here (post-cognitive area, ain't we))
  9. We i don't care for certain communities, that never did any good for us or for anti-cheat oriented players & admins in general. PS/BTW: i sense a partial loss of native language. /off to make a fence.
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    Archived Oldschool "PunkBuster for Players / for Server Admistrators" Publications © EvenBalance ... for legacy Games File formats are *.mht or *.maff , see: http://fileinfo.com/extension/mht & http://maf.mozdev.org/ & https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/mozilla-archive-format/ RAR-Archive Contents : 2002_Rtcw_pb_server.pdf 1st-release_Rtcw+q3_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht 1st-release_Rtcw+q3_pb_Players.mht ... & translations: PB_joueurs_FRA.mht PB_serveurs_FRA.mht PB_Spieler_GER.mht PB_ServerAdministratoren_GER.mht PB_giocatori_ITA.mht PB_AmministratoriServer_ITA.mht PB_Players_ESP.mht AllGame_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht AllGame_pb_Players.mht AA_pb_Players.mht AA_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht BF1942_pb_Players.mht BF1942_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht BFV_pb_Players.mht BFV_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht BF2_pb_Players.mht BF2_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht BF2142_pb_Players.mht BF2142_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht CoD_pb_Players.mht CoD_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht CoD2_pb_Players.mht CoD2_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht CoD4_pb_Players.mht CoD4_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht d3_pb_Players.mht d3_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht ET_pb_Players.mht ET_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht etqw_pb_Players.mht etqw_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht Farcry_pb_Players.mht Farcry_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht FEAR_pb_Players.mht FEAR_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht FearPM_pb_Players.mht FearPM_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht JOTR_pb_Players.mht JOTR_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht MoH_pb_Players.mht MoH_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht MoHPA_pb_Players.mht MoHPA_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht Q4_pb_Players.mht Q4_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht QL_pb_Players.mht RainbowSix3RavenShield_pb_Players.mht RainbowSix3RavenShield_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht RainbowSixVegas_pb_Players.mht RainbowSixVegas_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht SoF2_pb_Players.mht SoF2_pb_ServerAdministrators.mht WarRock_pb_Players.mht addon: maf.mozdev.org - MAFF et MHT support 4 Mozilla.URL MAF MHT for Firefox.URL

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