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  1. Hi guys, i just want to talk about the fact that BF4DB Admins etc. have well knows cheaters on their friendlist and lot cheaters have also "trusted" status on the BF4DB website. I mean just WTF, theyre talking about fairplay, good service and cheat protection and ..... I know that also the EA support has sympathizer for cheaters in. I confrontated EA Special Advisor (they guys above normal support staff) and they just gave me the answer that they doesnt tolerate this and if a support staff is cached as cheater or doesnt take action against those he get fired. But i really thi
  2. https://www.ggc-stream.net/ Not reachable. Error 522
  3. Less Cheaters online = more normal players = more fun for everyone When i watch the kicklogs of my server (official and inofficial) they kicked over 600 Cheaters in 1 Year Its true when u compare this to the amount of players... 500 potentional players on my servers but .. i really dont have mercy with cheaters on my "NoCheater" Servers. And most 0815 private Serveradmins dont know how to go advanced setup or serverproviders doesnt allow to manually edit this settings and provider have outdated configurations and does not offer streaming to PBBans or GGC ..... some offer strea
  4. Guys its really sad. Most of the Gameserver Hoster do not care or do not know about PBBans, GGCStream and ACI. ACI Doesnt care about their sh**** im really done with them, but you guys have the chance to do things better. Write a letter to all the Game Server Hoster and explain them how to easy integrate PBBans into their service. maybe its also a way to fund and keep your streaming services alive. As example i configured servers for my friends at 4NetPlayers and gamed!de and there i saw they use really outdated settings and GGCStream & PBBans are wrong or not int
  5. As i said i fixed the cl_CGameNeedsServer Command but now i have another problem xD : CL_CGameNeedsServerCommand: A reliable command was cycled out
  6. The problem was the preconfigured cfg i used out of the internet. But also with a fresh .cfg CoD5 WaW is very instable in compare to cod2 & cod4, and it still keeps crashing sometimes for no visible reason. I tried EU and US Version of the dedicated server/game.
  7. Found a clear reason in my logfiles for the "crashes" after changing somethings, but i still dont know how i should FIX it =( status dvar set sv_authenticating 1 reauthenticating dedicated server! DNS DW_AUTHORIZING DW_AUTHORIZED (504 msecs) DW_LOBBY_CONNECTING DW_LOGON_COMPLETE dvar set dw_loggedin 1 dvar set sv_authenticating 0 Failed to retreive session create status Session creation failed. Killing server
  8. Master Query Sent to (WAW1.EVENBALANCE.COM) Master Query Sent to (MASTER6.EVENBALANCE.COM) Master Query Sent to (MASTER7.EVENBALANCE.COM) Master Query Sent to (MASTER8.EVENBALANCE.COM) I recognized before the server crashes that there is an PBUCON Timeout. PB UCON Session #1 Timed Out PB UCON Session #2 Timed Out
  9. Hmm but cant you fix or remove it ? https://www.pbbans.com/automated-streaming-setup.html
  10. But none of my other servers has issues, CoD2, CoD4 running well.
  11. Hello, may servers running all well, but i have issues with CoD5. Sometimes i get kicked from my server with this message cl_CGameNeedsServer Command Server Console shows this: G_FreeEntity: Player 2 is being freed. 2:PlayerName EXE_DISCONNECTED Any idea what this is and how to fix ?
  12. My Application is Pending, please check. Thank you. BestNoob
  13. Hello, i really really dislike cheaters ;D and i do not want them on my servers, they were the reason so much servers are down in the past, the time i was active in CoD Scene i saw a lot nice servers closing becasue theyre not able to handle the problems. (okay some admins just not good ones ;D) But enough bla bla here the idea : What about adding a open streaming list, with no Application needed ? supporting old games still with offline List but also with stream for everyone ? A separated service from your site used on own risk of the admins. Streaming t
  14. Hello, it would be great if you could post Offline Banlist for Legacy Games, but also for Modded (dedicated) Servers running BFBC2 and CoD4. So a serveradmin can run PB in semi LAN Mode with actual Banlist while streaming to GGC/PBBans or just locally but with actual cheat detection definitions. Should work or not ?
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