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  1. Unfortunately, I have to announce that the project will be discontinued due to a lack of donations and cooperation. Today is the last day you can play on my servers. All servers are online again, including the test / beta servers.
  2. Server project Discord Page: https://discord.gg/A7vtjmw I recieved a donation and so i let the 40 servers run for one more month but ..... I have daily players and none of those guys is willed to spend 1$ for this project. So i have to say again: this project will shutdown at the end of the month without donations. What a sad world where ppl. dont believe in great ideas. What is one DOLLAR or EURO ???? You can still donate if u want to keep this project running.
  3. Already done. No effect. Please check it on your site. This must be also the reason that NO ONE is Streaming CoD5.
  4. * And tested it with German & US Version of the game.
  5. @[email protected]@MaydaX Guys guys guys ...... i found out it definily has to do with the player checks of the server and PBBans ..... As example after next round has started the session is the problem Server: Updating session (180004ms) The timeout is always with pbbhub3-3 i also enabled all the debug logging and its always the player check request that times out Seems that the cod5 server and PBBans taking to much time for checking the player stuff. Or your servers refusing it ?! Thats also the reason my server is t
  6. Sorry that i bump up this old one here but .... i recognized that there is no additional PB folder inside the mods directory so when you start a server with different Port but same directory as the others and with a mod .... how does PBBans/PunkBuster deal with it ? Does it matter ? Or is 1x seperated installation per mod better ? So they have also seperated PB folders ?
  7. You can pickup the whole service or integrate it into yours. (common just ask them....) (so server owners keep on streaming to GGC but your the new service/site holders) or you integrate it directly into the Banflags section ? Or you just add another socket for pb_sv_uconadd 1 "pb.ba.ns.ip" "ggc" "bc2" (okay IP must be changed in pbsv.cfg so or so) But the most important thing is to use their detection engine and past bans etc. ... I dont see any problem just the chance to unify two services to one great service ! Dont miss this chance !
  8. Guys please pickup GGC Streaming Service, i know they had almost the same usage but for some reasons they cached a few more cheaters in BF3 & BF4 Would be sad when this advantage is lost. Also the Servers ony streaming to GGC are now insecure (MD5, Live Checks etc.) Just an idea to think about pros/cons.
  9. Guys hope ull never give up your service. Ure the last bastion ! I recognized the little changes you have made all over, thx, now your website is a littlebit smoother to use.
  10. Carrycopter https://bf4db.com/player/370503280 http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/de/soldier/Carrycopter/stats/370503280/pc/ http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/de/platoons/view/330236594492472503/ AimbuttPotato https://bf4db.com/player/825608273 http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/de/soldier/AimbuttPotato/stats/825608273/pc/ http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/de/platoons/view/330236594492472503/ AimbuttSquirtle https://bf4db.com/player/211997059 http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/de/soldier/AimbuttSquirtle/stats/211997059/pc/
  11. And btw. also for you guys here from PBBans some company like AWS Amazon Webservices (okay horrible to use, very insecure and buged) but also https://azure.microsoft.com/en-en/pricing/purchase-options/pay-as-you-go/ Offer a little amount of their service as free to use. ...
  12. I have to say ... use netcup or infinityfree to host your stuff. When u compare the pricing all the offers of nitrado and familiar sites are way to expensive. As i recognized all the sites and their configs and setups are just outdated .... see no reason to use those .... why pay money for 0% service ?? Why cant get GGC, ACI and PBBans unified ? (okay the guys from ACI are really toxic and not willed to help .. but GGC ?!) Maybe same issues with Nitrado as they had in July ?
  13. As example take the guys from [AE] Aimbutt Enterprises http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/330236594492472503/ BF4DB Admins/Mods have them on their friendlist, and they have "trusted Status" I played against them, i had them on my Server, i know what theyve done. Thats is saying a lot about the quality and the Admins of this Site called BF4DB, there is nothing more to say or talk about. It also says a lot about the Quality of FF-FairFight and the EA-Support guys. The reason i havent bought a EA game since BF4 AimbuttSquirtle http://batt
  14. Hello Guys. Im searching for a Sponsor to host my servers again. I need a place to host or donations to rent a Server (60€ - 100€ per month for a Server) I startet my Project in 2018 because i have setup a lot servers in the past, i had enough time and i was f********** of by all this f****** Cheaters in every single game, this guys destroy everything and all ... cheaters have killed so many games. And i really wanted to play this cool old games ^^ i enjoyed BFBC2 so much .... Sadly i recognized that absolutely none of the Server Hoster Companys configured PunkBus
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