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pbsv.cfg for Server Admins Universal


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I forgot about to share this with you guys here ... im sorry. I worked on this to get best settings for my PB Protected Servers.

PunkBuster without configuration is just a lame dog but you can give it i a good bite with this config + MD5 Tool


Original post on GitHub: https://github.com/BestNoob/pbsv.cfg


;   Auto Generated by PunkBuster Server
;   Some of the following settings may not apply,
;   consult manuals at evenbalance.com for full documentation

;Clears current config, if using GGC add their config to the end

pb_sv_MsgPrefix "PunkBuster Server" //[PB Message Prefix (default=^3PunkBuster Server)]
pb_sv_MaxDlRate 4 //[KB/sec requested per file (default=4)]
pb_sv_MaxConDls 6 //[Concurrent downloads (default=1)]
pb_sv_MaxSendRate 8 // [speed at which PB Server sends pbcl and pbag updates in KBps (default=8)]
pb_sv_KickLen 3 //[Minutes (default=2)]
pb_sv_CvarFreq 3 //[# of range checks per minute]
pb_sv_CvarLogging 1 //[1=Reg. Log, 2=Var Log, 3=Both, 0=Neither]
pb_sv_CvarWalk 2 //[0=disabled, 1-4=Walk through obtained Cvar lists]
pb_sv_CvarUserPulse 99 //[Frequency to auto-send CvarUser (minutes)]Default = 99 higher value = less checking, 99=disabled]
pb_sv_CvarChangedPulse 99 //[Frequency to auto-send CvarChanged (minutes) 10-90 higher value = less checking, 99=disabled Default = 99]
pb_sv_CQC 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=1)] //[Change to 1 if you don't want outside programs to read server variables]
pb_sv_SsFloor 1 //[Low screenshot filename serial #]
pb_sv_SsCeiling 1000 //[High screenshot filename serial #]
pb_sv_SsCmd "" //[Filename of system command to run after screenshots]
pb_sv_SsWidth 320 //[Requested pixel width of remote screenshots, working variables are 320,400,800,960]
pb_sv_SsHeight 240 //[Requested pixel height of remote screenshots, working variables are 240,204,408,540]
pb_sv_SsXpct 50 //[Percentage across screen for remote screenshots, working variables are 50,90,99]
pb_sv_SsYpct 50 //[Percentage down screen for remote screenshots, working variables are 50,90,99]
pb_sv_SsSrate 1 //[Sample Rate for remote screenshots.Variables are 1, 2 and 4. Use 2 for 800x408 and 4 for 960x540]
pb_sv_SsDelay 3 //[Maximum delay client waits before capturing screenshot]
pb_sv_SsPath "" //[Path where remote screenshots are saved]
pb_sv_AutoSsFrom 210 //[Min # of seconds to wait before requesting next ss]
pb_sv_AutoSsTo 660 //[Max # of seconds to wait before requesting next ss]
pb_sv_AutoSs 1 //[Warning! High security risk! Disable all SS capture for older games. 0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]
pb_sv_ssLogging 3 //[1=Reg. Log, 2=SS Log, 3=Both, 0=Neither]
pb_sv_ssTimeout 300 //[Seconds]
pb_sv_Sleep 60 //[# of Milliseconds (default=60)]
pb_sv_PowerMin 10 //[Power Points]
pb_sv_PowerDef 1 //[Power Points]
pb_sv_PowerKickLen 5 //[Minutes (default=5)]
pb_sv_HttpPort 0 //[Port #]
pb_sv_HttpAddr "" //[External IP Address]
pb_sv_HttpRefresh 30 //[Seconds]
pb_sv_HttpKey "" //[Key]
pb_sv_HttpMaps "" //[Map list (separate by spaces)]
pb_sv_ScoreKick 0 //[Min score (negative)]
pb_sv_ChangePeriod 600 //[Seconds]
pb_sv_ChangeMax 3 //[Max name changes allowed in ChangePeriod means X changes in XXX seconds]
pb_sv_DupNameGrace 0 //[Seconds]
pb_sv_AutoUpdBan 1 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]
pb_sv_ExtChar 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]
pb_sv_GuidRelax 0 //[0=kick4all, 1=UNKNGUIDS, 2=WRONGIP, 3=WRONGIP#UNKNGUIDS, 4=DUPGUIDS, 5=UNKN#DUPGUIDS, 6=WRONGIP#DUPGDS, 7=NOKICK (1-7 = NO kick for)]
pb_sv_RconReload 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]
pb_sv_HttpMapsPath "" //[Path where maps are loaded from in WebTool]
pb_sv_HttpColText1 "FFFFFF" //[Text Color #1 in WebTool (default=FFFFFF)]
pb_sv_HttpColText2 "0000FF" //[Text Color #2 in WebTool (default=0000FF)]
pb_sv_HttpColBack1 "000000" //[Background Color #1 in WebTool (default=000000)]
pb_sv_HttpColBack2 "808080" //[Background Color #2 in WebTool (default=808080)]
pb_sv_HttpColLine1 "FF0000" //[Line Color #1 in WebTool (default=FF0000)]
pb_sv_HttpColLine2 "0000FF" //[Line Color #2 in WebTool (default=0000FF)]
pb_sv_HttpColMsg "FF0000" //[Message Color in WebTool (default=FF0000)]
pb_sv_HttpShowGuid 1 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]
pb_sv_Restrictions 1 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=1)]
pb_sv_FileWhitelist "" //[Folder Filename Filename ... Filename]
pb_sv_EmptyName 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]
pb_sv_LogFloor 1 //[Low log filename serial #]
pb_sv_MinName 3 //[Min Characters in Player name (default=0)]
pb_sv_MaxName 20 //[Max Characters in Player name (default=0)]
pb_sv_LanMask "" //[IP Address Mask for LAN Players (default=)]
pb_sv_Lan 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]
pb_sv_UpdateGrace 1200 //[Seconds to wait before Update Failure kick]
pb_sv_NoGuidGrace 10 //[Seconds to wait before No GUID kick]
pb_sv_AliasFn "pbalias.dat" //[Filename (default="pbalias.dat")]
pb_sv_AliasAutoLoad 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]
pb_sv_AliasMax 10 //[Max # of Aliases to track for each PB GUID]
pb_sv_AliasMaxEnforce 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]
pb_sv_load pbsvlog.cfg //[load remote logging settings (if pbsvlog.cfg exists)]
pb_sv_load pbsvuser.cfg																			   			   

;Badname List - pb_sv_badname [grace_period_secs] [disallowed text]
;pb_sv_badname 10 Aimbutt		
;pb_sv_badname 10 Aimbut		
;pb_sv_badname 10 Aimbud
;pb_sv_badname 10 Aimbudd				

;MD5 Tool Settings
pb_sv_md5toolfreq 50 //[Reducing this will increase the scan frequency that can cause lag and also increases the chances being kicked for Ignoring MD5 Tool Queries.]

;PB Tasks (pb_sv_task [start delay (seconds)] [repeat (seconds)] [command])
pb_sv_task 0 7200 pb_sv_ver // Keep-Alive for PBBans Hub (Do not remove. Will cause servers to appear as inactive when empty for long periods of time)
pb_sv_task 0 86400 pb_sv_update // Check for PB updates daily (More dependable than UCON system)
pb_sv_task 0 600 pb_sv_guidrelax 0 // keeps the server from setting it to 7

;pb_sv_task 3 480 say -ACI- LiveSecure BC2 Scripts v07.01.2017
;pb_sv_task 90 -1 say STRACILIVSEC

;Cvar Range List - pb_sv_cvar [cvar_name] [type] [value(s)]
pb_sv_cvar clanName exclude ^
pb_sv_cvar clanName exclude ^^
pb_sv_cvar name exclude ^
pb_sv_cvar name exclude ^^							 					  

;Load Ban List
;pb_sv_banload pb\bc2.dat

;Protected Tags Optional
pb_sv_ProtectTag 1 GGC	
pb_sv_protecttag 1 PBBans
pb_sv_protecttag 1 PBSTAFF						  
pb_sv_ProtectTag 1 ACI
pb_sv_ProtectTag 1 BF4DB

;Stream to ACI
pb_sv_logaddr ""
pb_sv_logport 18050
pb_sv_loguser "BC2ACI"

;PB UCON Settings
pb_sv_usessionlimit 10
pb_sv_ucontimeout 300		  
pb_sv_uconmaxsendrate 16
pb_sv_uconadd 1 "" "aci" "livesecure"
pb_sv_uconadd 1 "" "pbbhub3-1" "pbbanshub"
pb_sv_uconadd 1 "" "pbbhub3-2" "pbbanshub"
pb_sv_uconadd 1 "" "pbbhub3-3" "pbbanshub"
pb_sv_uconadd 1 "" "ggc" "bc2" //[aa4,bf2,bf3,bf4,bc2,bfhard,cod2,cod4,coduo,codww,et,moh,mohw,ro2]
pb_sv_uconignore empty
pb_sv_uconignore admin.shutdown
pb_sv_uconignore pb_sv_md5toolfreq
pb_sv_uconignore pb_sv_guidrelax
pb_sv_uconignore quit
pb_sv_uconignore exit //[only working for BF2,BF2142 (check this by writing exit in server console)]


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