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  1. I see more business for Sony in long run if they allow to play games without internet and I guess once they mentioned that. Not sure if that will change or not.
  2. Finally some statistics to improve game play rather then some show off....
  3. Prices of HD are going down overall and also cos of SSD. I have seen most of the new website hosting companies have started using SSD. If I had money, I would use SSD, Raptor in RAID -1 and Hybrid for storage. :) That would be rock and roll for my personal usage.
  4. I believe FB pages have option so that regular users can't post.
  5. I believe they where using old IPB 2.x series, iirc.
  6. Their are few available: Please check out this link: http://www.pbbans.com/link-to-us.html
  7. hi just joined up nice to see other f|a members here :)

    just added you

  8. Happy B'day champ :) This time, I am right on time! :)

  9. I assume, you are good to now :)

  10. Can you pm me about how I can become a streaming admin for B1.I'd like to replace inactive |>B

    thx in advance

  11. hello, added you

  12. Sunshine, welcome to staff :)

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