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  1. foxdie

    jBF2/2142 Rcon Commander

  2. foxdie

    Best Linux OS?

    debian ftw!
  3. foxdie

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2015

    I have a better picture and it's not her :D.
  4. foxdie

    PC Makers Rebel Against Microsoft

    I'd rather don't want to know what do you mean by practical application lmao. Yeah :D. It's a pity that I've started collecting them after everybody stopped opening my links and also deleted irc logs. It could have been very nice off-topic section.
  5. foxdie

    PC Makers Rebel Against Microsoft

    I've been saying that for a long time, n obody listened so I switched to modelka
  6. foxdie

    A Decade of PBBans

    Time flies. I could never imagine that pbbans will survive other sites. R.I.P IndianScout
  7. foxdie

    Battlefield 3 banned in Iran

    Time to bring them democracy! Sort of BF3Live :D
  8. If there is anyone interested, I can provide you with some more details on PB protocol for ET. B)
  9. We'll miss you ET. Time to purge mpi :P
  10. So, when is Foxdie coming back to staff? :)

  11. Luusik : Given that PB spent my first 6 hours in BF2 kicking me because of Steam (Bought it on Steam) Im thinking it wont help fox... They have a sick sense of humor over there, and just might enjoy the pic.

  12. You didnt grant applet permission to connect to other servers. Try to reopen your browser and try again.

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