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  1. Where is @foxdie when you need him? No modelka? LOL

    1. foxdie


      I'm always around 🙂

  2. foxdie

    jBF2/2142 Rcon Commander

  3. foxdie

    Best Linux OS?

    debian ftw!
  4. foxdie

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2015

    I have a better picture and it's not her :D.
  5. foxdie

    PC Makers Rebel Against Microsoft

    I'd rather don't want to know what do you mean by practical application lmao. Yeah :D. It's a pity that I've started collecting them after everybody stopped opening my links and also deleted irc logs. It could have been very nice off-topic section.
  6. foxdie

    PC Makers Rebel Against Microsoft

    I've been saying that for a long time, n obody listened so I switched to modelka
  7. foxdie

    A Decade of PBBans

    Time flies. I could never imagine that pbbans will survive other sites. R.I.P IndianScout
  8. foxdie

    Battlefield 3 banned in Iran

    Time to bring them democracy! Sort of BF3Live :D
  9. If there is anyone interested, I can provide you with some more details on PB protocol for ET. B)
  10. We'll miss you ET. Time to purge mpi :P
  11. So, when is Foxdie coming back to staff? :)

  12. Luusik : Given that PB spent my first 6 hours in BF2 kicking me because of Steam (Bought it on Steam) Im thinking it wont help fox... They have a sick sense of humor over there, and just might enjoy the pic.


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