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  1. RIP Sabret.. My Thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.
  2. Be very careful downloading files from other sites other the Punkbuster Affiliated Sites because you may be downloading something that can get you banned.,
  3. Even though Origin got an F it says its not vulnerable to the heartbleed attack? https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=origin.com&s=
  4. You will put those in your cod2/pb folder. It may have a diff path but end result is in the pb folder. You can run the rcon command pb_sv_homepath to find your pb location.
  5. Yeah its funny but GameInformer poked at them so I give them credit lol
  6. I can confirm its in the game informer I cannot confirm that it's legit though.
  7. This was in the new GameInformer I received today.. EA wants to charge $29.99 for future patches for a year..
  8. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone
  9. Hes the second person who I have seen like that. However PBBans cannot ban him unless the server that he is on needs is streaming to them and EA confirms it is indeed a hack and not a glitch in there system. You will need to report him to EA & Fairfight.
  10. You need to run this command and change the folder. Your currently pointing to /home/games/cod2/server1/pb it should be /home/games/cod2/server1/ if the path is correct. The pbsetup should always be ran outside the pb folder
  11. Got it working. Went into procon ran pb_sv_enable and then ran hub setup worked fine.
  12. I tried both options and was informed by the server host Punkbuster will not work until EA fixes it. Shows PB set to 1 but off on Battlelog and when I try to run the Streaming Setup I receive [iNIT] Opening connection ... ********************************ERROR******************************** Connection timed out: connect *********************************************************************** [iNIT] Opening connection ... ********************************ERROR******************************** Connection timed out: connect ******************************************************************
  13. I always liked COD just dont like the fact we cannot host our own servers anymore.
  14. 12 months is $753.98 at Fragnet so not much diff from gameservers.
  15. I kinda looked at all the server providers and from what I have seen in North America these are the cheaper ones Fragnet 70 man $62 w/preorder discount http://alturl.com/wydep Gameservers 70 man $77 w/preorder discount Game Servers, Ventrilo Servers, Dedicated Clan Server Host, and Teamspeak Hosting NFOServers 70 man $84 (no preorder discount) Game Server Rentals and Hosting :: Home :: NFOservers There are a couple of cheap ones across seas like MyIs but only allow 64 players
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