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Miscellaneous tools that doesn't fit into the other categories.

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  1. PBBans Windows 7 Gadget

    View the latest ban information of your team account on your desktop. Updates every 5 minutes.
    Updated to use SSL links.



  2. RO2 Cache Extractor and Downloader

    RO2 Cache Extractor and Downloader V1.2

    This release brings you the ability to download and install custom content (Maps and associated packages) directly from a redirect server. So if you don't want to do this in-game or are one of the unfortunate souls who get timed out when they are downloading in-game when the server changes map, then this is for you!
    Click here to download version 1.2
    File Scans: (They are safe to use)
    Setup File (Virustotal Scan)
    RO2CacheExtractorSetup (Virustotal Scan)
    Uninstall Previous Version
    If you have the previous version installed, please uninstall it via your control panel > add remove programs > RO2 Cache Extractor
    Afer downloading, extract contents of the zip file to a folder on your local pc and right click setup.exe and Run as Administrator. If you do not install as administrator, you will need to run the exe manually as administrator each time you use it or the downloader tab will NOT work.
    The setup will place an icon on your desktop.
    When you run the application, it should be able to detect where your RO2 MyGame folder paths are. If not, please browse to these folders manually using the browse buttons (...). These folders must be set to the relevant folders in My Games like this:
    C:\Users\YOURUSER\Documents\My Games\RedOrchestra2\ROGame\Cache
    C:\Users\YOURUSER\Documents\My Games\RedOrchestra2\ROGame\Published\CookedPC
    If the cache and/or published\CookedPC folders do not exist, please create them.
    Maps, Packages, and Mutators
    These three tabs will allow you to extract files from your cache which were stored after downloading content from servers in-game. These files when extracted will be moved to the relevant folder under Published\CookedPC and then get deleted from your cache folder/ini file.
    This tab allows you to download custom content (community made maps and their associated packages) directly from community shared redirects. It is up to the redirect owners to ensure the downloads are scanned for viruses and you, the end user, understand the risk of downloading these files. As with the cache files, these downloaded files will be installed directly into the appropriate folders under Published\CookedPC.
    Server Admins / Redirect Owners
    If you would like to share your redirect files with users of this tool, that would be fantastic. Please send me a private message with the name of the redirect (display purposes only) and a url to your redirect. You will then need to setup a file called files.txt like the example below before it will appear in this tool and work correctly:
    The format of each line in files.txt should be like this:

    Map/Package/Mutator name|file1|file2|file3
    So my files.txt file is this:
    Map ColdSteel B2|TE-Coldsteel_b2.upk|ENV_Coldsteel_factory.upk|Env_DR_Brick_walls.upk|Env_DR_corrugated_plates.upk|Env_DR_floor_parts.upk|ENV_DR_Misc.upkMap Arad2 B1|TE-Arad2_Beta_One.upkMap Ogledow B9|TE-Ogledow_B9.upk|Props_Ogledow.upkMap DieBresche B2|TE-DieBresche-B2.upk|Props_DieBresche.upk|Props_W_DieBresche.upkMap Provkhoy B2|TE-Provkhoy_b2.upk|Props_Provkhoy.upkMap Butovo B4|TE-Butovo-B4.upk|Props_Butovo.upkMutator Antilag|Antilag.u
    So when somebody selects your redirect, it will display something like this:

    The more redirects we have, the better chance people have a getting a download. This tool will definately timeout users if too many people are connected, so the more redirects the better
    Important : Please note that files.txt and all the filenames within that file are CaSe SenSiTIve. To avoid cockups, copy and paste the filenames in
    The software program provided by may be freely distributed, provided that no charge is levied,
    and that the disclaimer below is always attached to it.
    The programs are provided as is without any guarantees or warranty.
    Although the author has attempted to find and correct any bugs in the software program (RO2 Cache Extractor) the author is not responsible for any damage or losses of any kind caused by the use or misuse of the programs.
    The author is under no obligation to provide support, service, corrections, or upgrades to this free software program.
    Thanks to Ducky for testing the first version and Cat in da Hat and his friends for testing this version.
    If you are dubious about installing anything like this, then don't
    Now if you all download it and try it, it's bound to go bang and time every out lol



  3. COD4 Chat Log Parse Tool

    with this tool you can download your cod 4 logfile and it will extract all the chat and any other values or things that you want it to from the log file... save you a lot of time rather then looking through a 100mb file of text
    Current Release Features:
    * Includeds all in game chat in logfile
    * allows you to search for certain words or pb violations
    * allows you to save your parsed logfile including all server chat
    * allows you to copy text from the logged file to your clipboard
    Application: COD4Logparse
    Author: Al Dorrington (AKA Hawkins)
    Version: 1.0
    Date: 6/1/08
    Website: http://www.rufclan.com
    A working computer and a log file
    How to use the tool:
    File -> Load Log File - opens the log file and starts parsing the output.
    File -> Save Log File - saves the contents displayed to a file
    File -> Exit - (I think you can figure out what this does, haha)
    Options -> Include All Chat - displays all chat entries in the log
    Copy Selected Text To Clipboard (button) - selected text in the window will be placed in the clipboard for pasting into other applications/windows.
    Future Releases:
    Release History:
    1.0 - 6/2/08
    go to http://www.rufclan.com and register on the forums, you should see information all the way on
    the bottom of the forum
    ©Al Dorrington 2008




    This is a program designed to allow Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare &
    Call of Duty: World at War server admins the ability to monitor and control their
    game servers remotely, without having to be in-game playing.
    AGrcon is an adaptation of the popular CoD4 Rcon utility, ModernRcon. Those of
    you who have used ModernRcon may recognize the easy-to-use and feature-rich
    - latest version recommended
    - www.java.com
    Just run the AGrcon executable in any Windows environment.
    IMPORTANT: Vista users, you may have to run AGrcon as Administrator if you have the
    "User Account Control" enabled. Right-click AGrcon and choose "Run as Administrator."
    ALSO IMPORTANT: AGrcon requires a FRESH INSTALL from previous version of ModernRcon.
    If you previously had ModernRcon installed, all your server data will need to be re-
    populated into AGrcon. This is for security purposes, and I apologize for any
    inconveniences it causes. ModernRcon *.svr files are NOT compatible with AGrcon.
    Current Release Features:
    * Support for both Call of Duty: World at War AND Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare!
    * Rcon Limiter! Give clan mates lesser Rcon access!
    * Save servers to a server list.
    * Realtime in-game chat monitoring! (PBUCON)
    * View server information (gametype, map, name, players, etc).
    * Kick, Ban, TempBan, Message, Private Message, and monitor players.
    * Kick, Ban, Screenshot, and more via PunkBuster controls.
    * Restart Map, FastRestart Map, Load next map.
    * Load a selected map from a list of maps.
    * Load custom maps!
    * Config Builder tool for creating server configs.
    * Set a new gametype when loading a map from a list.
    * Configure all basic settings, including Hardcore mode, Autobalance, Friendly Fire, etc.
    * Set or remove server passwords!
    * Manually enter commands into the console and read responses.
    * Configure all aspects of all supported gametypes.
    * View / modify map rotation settings. Easy tools like Rotation Builder exist!
    * Send messages to the server.
    * Send messages to individual players.
    * Setup rotating messages to display to the server on an interval.
    * Save message rotations.
    * Auto-update player list for easy server monitoring.



  5. Simple Method to compress Fraps.avi

    This document describes a very simple Method to compress the output of Fraps encoded .avi video files.



  6. PBBans GUI MD5Tool

    This simple tool incorporates all of the functionality of EvenBalance's MD5tool, only it discards the console interface in favour of a Windows based interface. It also includes a built in text editor to allow editing of your pbsvuser.cfg file before saving. It will create MD5 entries for large numbers of files at once, either using the same parameters for all files, or allowing you to specify different parameters for each file.
    Note the difference between optional stock file checks and scans for cheat related files ( SZ0 ... NOT_FOUND ) !
    pb_sv_md5tool [ O/S ] [gamever] [type] [filename] SZ AT[offset] LEN[bytes] [MD5]
    pb_sv_md5tool [wlma] [1.51b] [vla] [path/name.ext] SZ[bytes] AT[bytes] LEN[bytes] [not_found or hex32-hash]
    Detailed Manual see: http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=md5tool.php
    Samples for cheat File scans:
    pb_sv_md5tool w "" v "hack.exe" SZ0 AT4096 LEN32 NOT_FOUND
    pb_sv_md5tool a "" v "relative_path/hack.pk3" SZ0 AT0 LEN32 NOT_FOUND
    pb_sv_md5tool L "" v "hack.sh" SZ0 AT0 LEN32 NOT_FOUND
    PBBans recommended parameters (used in MCi):
    Start Offset: -- 4096 (exe & dll) -- 0 (all others) --
    Length: -- 32 --
    MD5 OS: specific.
    Sample for a Stock file check:
    pb_sv_md5tool a "1.55b" v "mp_base/textures1.pk3" SZ13194735 AT0 LEN32 3a1fc3c29e6a037a79fb8fd78d4d30e2



  7. PBBans Vista Gadget

    Version 1.5
    - Updated: Background images and layout.
    - Number of small fixes.
    Show the latest ban info for your team account in Windows Vista



  8. jBF2/2142 Rcon Commander

    Tool designed for BF2 / BF2142 admins to upload PB config file or banlists via rcon. Usefull for ranked servers.
    Edit: Added a screenshot



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