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COD4 Chat Log Parse Tool v1.0

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About This File

with this tool you can download your cod 4 logfile and it will extract all the chat and any other values or things that you want it to from the log file... save you a lot of time rather then looking through a 100mb file of text


Current Release Features:

* Includeds all in game chat in logfile

* allows you to search for certain words or pb violations

* allows you to save your parsed logfile including all server chat

* allows you to copy text from the logged file to your clipboard


Application: COD4Logparse

Author: Al Dorrington (AKA Hawkins)

Version: 1.0

Date: 6/1/08

Website: http://www.rufclan.com




A working computer and a log file


How to use the tool:


File -> Load Log File - opens the log file and starts parsing the output.

File -> Save Log File - saves the contents displayed to a file

File -> Exit - (I think you can figure out what this does, haha)


Options -> Include All Chat - displays all chat entries in the log


Copy Selected Text To Clipboard (button) - selected text in the window will be placed in the clipboard for pasting into other applications/windows.


Future Releases:




Release History:

1.0 - 6/2/08



go to http://www.rufclan.com and register on the forums, you should see information all the way on

the bottom of the forum


©Al Dorrington 2008

What's New in Version v1.0   See changelog


  • Release History:
  • 1.0 - 6/2/08

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