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This is a program designed to allow Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare &

Call of Duty: World at War server admins the ability to monitor and control their

game servers remotely, without having to be in-game playing.


AGrcon is an adaptation of the popular CoD4 Rcon utility, ModernRcon. Those of

you who have used ModernRcon may recognize the easy-to-use and feature-rich






- latest version recommended

- www.java.com




Just run the AGrcon executable in any Windows environment.


IMPORTANT: Vista users, you may have to run AGrcon as Administrator if you have the

"User Account Control" enabled. Right-click AGrcon and choose "Run as Administrator."


ALSO IMPORTANT: AGrcon requires a FRESH INSTALL from previous version of ModernRcon.

If you previously had ModernRcon installed, all your server data will need to be re-

populated into AGrcon. This is for security purposes, and I apologize for any

inconveniences it causes. ModernRcon *.svr files are NOT compatible with AGrcon.


Current Release Features:

* Support for both Call of Duty: World at War AND Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare!

* Rcon Limiter! Give clan mates lesser Rcon access!

* Save servers to a server list.

* Realtime in-game chat monitoring! (PBUCON)

* View server information (gametype, map, name, players, etc).

* Kick, Ban, TempBan, Message, Private Message, and monitor players.

* Kick, Ban, Screenshot, and more via PunkBuster controls.

* Restart Map, FastRestart Map, Load next map.

* Load a selected map from a list of maps.

* Load custom maps!

* Config Builder tool for creating server configs.

* Set a new gametype when loading a map from a list.

* Configure all basic settings, including Hardcore mode, Autobalance, Friendly Fire, etc.

* Set or remove server passwords!

* Manually enter commands into the console and read responses.

* Configure all aspects of all supported gametypes.

* View / modify map rotation settings. Easy tools like Rotation Builder exist!

* Send messages to the server.

* Send messages to individual players.

* Setup rotating messages to display to the server on an interval.

* Save message rotations.

* Auto-update player list for easy server monitoring.

What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


  • Release History:
  • 2/21/09 - AGrcon v1.0 (adapted from ModernRcon v0.8)
  • Added:
  • - New UI for added CoD:WaW (CoD5) support.
  • - Adapted all functions to handle CoD:WaW server DVAR's.
  • Fixes:
  • - When saving a generated config file, clicking Cancel properly cancels the action.
  • - When PBUCON fails to connect, progress bar properly disappears (program no longer hangs).
  • ModernRcon Release History:
  • 9/21/08 - ModernRcon v0.8
  • Added:
  • - Rcon Limiter - this tool allows you to build .svr profiles with less-than-global Rcon access!
  • - Significant security upgrades to RconPassword encryption algorithms.
  • Fixes:
  • - Chat / PBUCON IP detection woes.
  • Code Count: 8654 lines of Java code
  • 6/15/08 - ModernRcon v0.7
  • Added:
  • - Config Builder! (one line in this README, but it was a pretty significant amount of work).
  • - CoD4 Patch 1.6 map pack to map list
  • Fixes:
  • - Gametypes tab showing weird letters inside of value text fields.
  • - Sporadic infinite "Querying Server" loading bars.
  • - Fixed AutoUpdater so notifcations properly re-alert every 2 days.
  • Code Count: 7168 lines of Java code
  • 2/23/08 - ModernRcon v0.6
  • Added:
  • - Password field in Basic Settings panel for managing the server password.
  • - "Custom Map" field in the Maps tab for loading custom maps.
  • Foxes:
  • - scr_oldschool_mw problem fixed for real this time...
  • - Fixed PBUCON's ú character issue. No more error 106 about not being authenticated!
  • - Spelled "Version" properly.
  • - Fixed issues with Windows XP truncating the status text at the bottom.
  • - Map rotation tab now uses sv_mapRotation DVAR instead of mapRotationCurrent.
  • - Players with negative score will now show in player list!
  • - Loading a message rotation, in previous versions you could not double-click the
  • second entry in the list. Fixed that.
  • Code Count: 6560 lines of Java code
  • 1/6/08 - ModernRcon v0.5
  • Added:
  • - Auto-refresh for player list.
  • - Refresh List button for quicker refreshing of player list.
  • - Global Refresh button for refreshing all server DVAR's.
  • - Support for mp_crash_show map.
  • - PunkBuster tab for listing players' GUID's.
  • - PB controls for: screenshots, kicking, banning, etc.
  • - Kick and Ban messages for PB kicking and banning.
  • - All new master server functionality for notifications of updates.
  • * This feature is the ground works for auto-updating.
  • - Disconnect button for closing PBUCON.
  • - Saving the list of players on either the Players or the PB tab has changed.
  • * Now it will save to respective folders as timestamps for filenames.
  • Fixes:
  • - Fixed the oldschool_mw issue.
  • - Fixed some rare issues that cause the program to hang.
  • - Fixed the progress bar from popping up in center of the screen.
  • * Now it pops up in the center of the program you ran it from.
  • Code Count: 6,407 lines of Java code
  • 12/15/07 - ModernRcon v0.4
  • Added:
  • - Realtime in-game chat monitoring!!!
  • - Basic Settings tab for configuring additional DVAR's.
  • - Progress bar for notifying users that the server is being queried.
  • Fixes:
  • - More hanging issues when bad UDP packets are received.
  • - DLL file for arbitrary incompatibility issues.
  • Authors Notes:
  • - Brought on a new part-time developer, Alberto Rosano aka "Ros".
  • - Ros made the Basic Settings tab.
  • - This was one of our "smallest" updates in terms of fixes and
  • feature count, but it added the most lines of code.
  • - The realtime in-game chat monitoring is a HUGE system. You
  • probably will never appreciate how challenging that was :-P
  • Code Count: 4,981 lines of Java code
  • 12/8/07 - ModernRcon v0.3
  • Added:
  • - Server list for browsing previously saved servers.
  • - Message rotation saving / loading for easy management of message schedules.
  • - Encryption algorithm for Rcon passwords (ground works for future releases).
  • - Warning prompts + error messages.
  • Fixes:
  • - Server hanging when connecting without entering a password.
  • - Server hanging when poor UDP responses are received.
  • - Map preview image not updating when using keyboard to navigate list.
  • Code Count: 3,122 lines of Java code
  • 11/18/07 - ModernRcon v0.2
  • Added:
  • - Gametypes tab for modifying gametype settings.
  • - Map Rotation tab for viewing / modifying rotation settings.
  • - Messages tab for sending + scheduling server messages.
  • - Maps tab - Added a preview to the to-be-loaded map.
  • - Maps tab - Added the ability to specify a gametype to load.
  • - Players tab - Added a button for sending private messages.
  • Fixes:
  • - Fixed the header, a bug where with long server names all the text got jumbled.
  • - Fixed a crash when server stopped responding, handled with a dialog box.
  • - Modified the Console tab giving the ability to clear the console.
  • - Added confirm dialogs on powerful functions like Ban Player and Kick All.
  • Code Count: 2,450 lines of Java code
  • 11/11/07 - ModernRcon v0.1
  • * View server information (gametype, map, name, players, etc).
  • * Kick, Ban, TempBan, and monitor players.
  • * Restart Map, FastRestart Map, Load next map.
  • * Load a selected map from a list of maps.
  • * Manually enter commands into the console and read responses.
  • Code Count: 988 lines of Java code

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