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  1. CU - DizzyKipper

    Windows 11

    When MS says "evolution of the PC ecosystem" I get scared...
  2. CU - DizzyKipper

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint

    Looking forward to this one I didn't buy Wildlands until Uplay changed their T&Cs. It used to say words to the effect of, 'we have your details and we will pass them on to third parties as we see fit'. After GDPR regulations that changed, so I bought Wildlands. Great game. This new one looks good too.
  3. CU - DizzyKipper

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas Don't forget to donate
  4. CU - DizzyKipper

    Website Change Log

    Christmas decoration time! Like it muchly
  5. CU - DizzyKipper

    Spybot Anti-Beacon Windows 10

    Thanks, added
  6. CU - DizzyKipper

    New Forums

    I have no problem with the MPI and the back arrow. Not sure why the locked topic about the milk is on the front page though
  7. CU - DizzyKipper

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    cod4 still lives Freezetag I like the most but still play search and destroy.
  8. CU - DizzyKipper

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    Can I ask why? I've never played battle royal either, my fps games got stuck at cod4. I'm just curious...
  9. CU - DizzyKipper

    Green ghosting text on PBBans pages.

    It's gone. That's several house wasted in Google-bashing. Feel free to delete topic and mitigate my embarrassment...
  10. Whilst attempting to block a browser-window-starting/new-tab-opening iPhoneX ad-thing, I thought I should 'refresh' Firefox, which basically starts off from scratch but just keeps the bookmarks. Since doing that, some websites have a green ghost on the text and horizontal lines when scrolling, none worse so than the PBBans home page! It was NOT like that before the refresh, and I vaguely remember I fixed it once before, but I can't find how! Has anyone else had this and fixed it? I've turned off the hardware acceleration on Firefox already. Help! EDIT While trying to catch a printscreen of the effect I noticed I get the same effect if I move the screenshot around. So I'm guessing it's not the browser's fault but somehow, suddenly, a monitor or graphics issues. I have no idea why, as other than a load of malware/adware tests (all negative) I have only refreshed the browser. Help still required if anyone knows how to fix it.
  11. CU - DizzyKipper

    New Forums

    Great work, all fixed for me!
  12. CU - DizzyKipper

    A Little Humor...

    How come I've never read this topic before? :lol: :lol:
  13. CU - DizzyKipper

    Critical flaws revealed in many Intel processors

    Since this requires software, hardware and BIOS updates, I think my really old kit is going to be back of the patch queue :(
  14. CU - DizzyKipper

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2017

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  15. CU - DizzyKipper

    Festive artwork

    If you had the photos, you could do caricatures of your staff :)

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