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  1. No need this month! Good job everyone. Merry Christmas all. 2021 can only be better,
  2. Oh goodness, what a dreadful thing hear. I obviously never knew him except for through this forum, but I'll miss his constant presence here. RIP HSMagnet
  3. Windows Defender kindly replaced my modified hosts file this morning, wrapped up in a detected malware warning: This was taken from event viewer, since the taskbar warning would show me unless I signed in with a MS account, which I never made for windoze. It's apparently because MS don't like the fact you're blocking them. You can exclude the file, but at your own risk. Thoughts? Here are some links on it. https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupport/comments/hvxu40/windows_defender_and/ https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/protect/forum/all/settingsmodifierwin32hostsfilehijack/da
  4. Bit late but it's fab. Buy this game. And you can play the campaign in co-op with your mates
  5. Anyone else playing this? I'm totally in love with it. Few initial teething problems, but no crashes now and it's great. Looks amazing, plays beautifully.
  6. Thank you Redkilla, although I think that might be in with November's given the amount raised for this month. I'm currently donating $30 plus topping it up to $150 total, at the end of every month. That is the bare minimum to function. So it's usually about $70 a month. Since the subscription started I've donated $1486 on behalf of my clan. Am I rich? Not at all. I work part-time from home due to my own health issues, and $70 equivalent is a big deal. Still, I can't let PBBans sink. Some will think 'I don't need to bother if someone else is doing it', and they should be ashamed.
  7. Any update on the $5 minimum? Pretty sure I knocked it into 3 figures or it was when i donated. 5 donations later and it's $115 dollars. Still. I'm not knocking those people who have donated, but if we made the minimum $5 wouldn't that be more sensible? It's a month worth of access isn't it? (I think). That could equate to hours of using the MPI with unfettered access. Looking up your ancestry etc is buying credits. 5 credits used per seach... Searching MBI fo $1 for a month, unlimited, seems a bit too cheap to me. Edit: in 2009 Fozzer said "Some months its a close run thing to balance t
  8. It does mean he can never post again, or he'll spoil it
  9. Hey random internet person/guest/registered user who found this topic. You found a safe answer to your query, saved you loads of potential headaches, and if you were researching this for someone else, having a definitive answer is going to make you look like you know what you're doing! How about you show your thanks by donating some money to PBBans in order to keep this resource alive? https://www.pbbans.com/donations.html 10 dollars should do it! Cheers!
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