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  1. DHGreeny

    Whats up with GGCStream ? OFFLINE ?

    We wont know, (I certainly dont anyway) all you can do is sit and wait to see if it comes back. Could just be down for tech reasons.
  2. DHGreeny


    in my opinion, anything that isn't within game settings that gives a player an advantage over the rest is considered cheating no matter how small it is. I wouldn't allow it.
  3. DHGreeny

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2018

    Happy new year for 2020 everyone!
  4. DHGreeny

    banned to 4 months

    In all honesty, i think you would be better off broadening your options. Perhaps consider if you want to continue playing on PB enabled servers then buy a new CD key and begin again, at least in the interim if you do end up successfully being unbanned. I do feel though it is unlikely. I can't say for definite either way but if you consider all your options, it may be a better way forward than waiting indefinitely.
  5. DHGreeny

    banned to 4 months

    Basically it means that your bf4 account has been banned from all punkbuster enabled servers. Evenbalance the developers of punkbuster believe that a cheat had been used on your account hence the global ban. More about global bans below.. Source: irrelevancies have been omitted from the above quote https://www.pbbans.com/globalban.php To add, there is a very long ongoing delay of troubletickets being answered at the moment. We do not know why and we do not know when support tickets will begin to get answered again. Is it worth opening a ticket? - Yes, is the answer likely to be satisfactory? The chances are extremely slim. We have not heard of a global ban being lifted in a very long time.
  6. I was about to start a lawsuit against apathy then I realised it wasn't mean't as someones alias Thanks to everyone who has donated and is continuing to do so in order to keep our great community alive
  7. Violation and PunkBuster Errors
    Date Violation or Error
    Oct 15, 2019
    Viol #83019

    Violation (GAMEHACK) #83019
    mercury462 (
    *WBKS* (


    Hello, which means exactly this message, and besides it says that I am not banned globally, but my guid still goes on your list ?

  8. Lol I didn't think you meant that but thought you meant when you write it down and see it in front of you, $1 per person is nothing.
  9. How about this calculation.. 10 clan members donating $1 each = $10 x 20 clans = $200 5 clan members donating $2 each = $10 x 20 clans = $200 10 clan members donating $2 each = $20 x 10 clans = $200 4 clan members donating $5 each = $20 × 10 clans = $200 Plenty more formulas that can work. 200 communities donating $1 each = $200
  10. 100 donations of $2!
  11. 10 donations of $20 20 donations of $10 40 donations of $5, 100 donations of $2, 200 donations of $1. The target amount dropped by around $125 not that long ago making it much more achievable. I think people begin to take it for granted and then forget that targets need to be achieved in order to keep this valuable service open.
  12. Thanks DH Greeny,

    I'll try to sort out with Evenbalance, hope they are contactable....

  13. DHGreeny

    Streaming problems

    How did you setup your config? What is the actual game port for your server? Check out the troubleshooting section in the guide, I've kick started stubborn servers this way myself.. https://www.pbbans.com/info-center-hubguide.html
  14. DHGreeny

    Global Ban - 6904618b

    To you both, you are not on our banlist. The violation you are receiving is a global punkbuster ban which are maintained solely by evenbalance themselves. Evenbalance do not have a public banlist. Information on global bans is below, taking out any irrelevent information to your case.. Full article: https://www.pbbans.com/global-punkbuster-ban.html The link to a troubleticket is within the info above but to make it easier for you, here is the direct link to evenbalance support.. https://www.evenbalance.com/troubleticket/new_ticket.php Edit: please be sure to understand that neither pbbans nor GGC are the developers of punkbuster, , evenbalance is, we just use the punkbuster software.
  15. DHGreeny

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2018

    Thanks to everyone who donates, streams and keeps involved with the community. I've already said it once but will say it again. Happy New year everyone!

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