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  1. So i checked ou fragnet and lowpings yesterday, fragnet offers eveything required but they charge an extra $5 for the mysql a month, lowpings on the other hand have everything included, and after speaking with the donator we have decided to switch to lowpings when the server run out in the next couple of weeks. thatnk for all the info and links guys much appreciated
  2. @ ParaEXE, 3 things... site is in german, even when click the EN flag at the bottom and i cant read german. you dont mention wether theres public access to screenshots site is german and i cant read german (I know thats only 2 things but the being in english is really important so i mentioned it twice) but thanks for sharing @ [email protected] They are beyond my budget unless i compromise on slots which i really dont want to do but thanks for sharing @ SuperTaz checked out nfo, but theres no mention database or procon, do you know if these would be available? g
  3. hi all, topic title kinda says it all, Im currently with 4netplayers and dont have any issues where things like lag and disconnects are concerned but the way they have pb file system creates a problem for me (mainly requiring autohub setup daily to get streaming) a couple of other issues are no public viewable area for screenshots and no access to a database for use with procon. Ive had a little look around and it seems i3d may be better suited to me but who do you guys use and why? Im looking for a provider with the following available and a max cost of 50 euros per month
  4. yea, I just saw the link in your sig, downloaded extracted to folder ran exe and was asked for same, do we need to register somewhere?
  5. thnx buff, wasnt in there so i added it in.. will see how it goes now :party0049:
  6. each time I check its not streaming, should it start streaming automatcally when there are players online, cos it seems to stop streaming when the server is empty.
  7. So, i re ran the auto setup yesterday and that seemed to fix it, just got in from work tonight and its not streaming again. any thoughts on what might happening?
  8. hi guys, I just noticed the server banner says streaming 0, it was working last time i checked, i checked here and it is indeed not streaming. what should i do?
  9. AWESOME, guess that means we'll all be hit further down the road :banghead:
  10. do you mean add to your signature on a forum? if yes change html to bbcode, im guessing that will work but you will need to cut the code down since not all html code works the same as bbcode. heres an example.... Original <a href="http://www.pbbans.com"><img src="http://www.pbbans.com/images/banners/pbb_88x31.gif" alt="PBBans.com" title="Join the live banning revolution today!" border="0"></a> heres bbcode version [url=http://www.pbbans.com][img=http://www.pbbans.com/images/banners/pbb_88x31.gif][/url]
  11. oh hey thnx, how did i miss those :BigB:
  12. hi all, this is just a suggestion and forgive my ignorance if there are already images for this purpose.. im just thinking why not make some images with someing along the lines of : proud to stream to PBbans or dont like cheaters in your server? stream to PBbans or always quality over quantity PBbans keeps the cheaters out etc...etc.... i think you get the idea, them have linked to the homepage or signup page or whatever page you wish. just thinking of ways to get more admins streaming... i would be happy to put one on my homepage :D
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