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  1. Knives*

    OpenOffice vs. LibreOffice

    The development of OpenOffice is really slow since the original developers moved on to LibreOffice. LibreOffice is in current and active development with planned release schedules. https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/ReleasePlan
  2. Knives*

    SSL Encryption

    PBBans should be using SSL encryption (https) by default for the entire site. Let's Encrypt will be deploying free SSL certificates for the general public. This will not only add encryption security to prevent man-in-the-middle eavesdropping for user's passwords, it will also boost PBBans's SEO credibility and ranking on Google's searches, and possible other search engines, thus increasing the site's exposure and popularity. https://letsencrypt.org/ The free certificates will be made available to the public sometime this month (November, 2015). Keep an eye open for it. If you don't want to wait, an alternative solution is StartSSL, which also offers free SSL certificates. The link is http://www.startssl.com/ Cheers, Knives*
  3. Knives*

    Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

  4. Knives*


    I sent you a private message a few days ago. It seems odd you haven't looked yet. Did you get it?
  5. Knives*

    Human race set a world record!

    Too bad it never came out on PC.
  6. Knives*

    Flu Shot Information

    Isn't the flu shot basically protecting people from the previous year's strain? So getting it is pretty much pointless, right?
  7. Knives*

    Internet Security Software Poll

    Also, http://anti-virus-software-review.toptenreviews.com/
  8. Knives*

    Internet Security Software Poll

    My preferences: - avast! - AntiVir Reviews: http://download.cnet.com/windows/antivirus-software/ Comparison: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_antivirus_software For a little extra protection, I would also suggest Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and SpywareBlaster. And if you have Firefox installed with Adblock Plus, you should also go to the Features page and add subscriptions for Disable Tracking, Disable Malware Domains and Disable Social Media Buttons. *Edit* XDE4TH is using the #1 antivirus out there: NOD32. It has the highest detection rate just behind AntiVir last I checked. Don't bother with Microsoft Security Essentials. It failed to comply with certain security standards and provided a relatively weak level of protection compared to competitors. It may be light on resources and user-friendly, but if you want to have a high level of protection, go with something more reputable (I say avast!).
  9. Knives*

    bf4 and bf3 mbi?

    That's irrelevant. To see it or not is not the point. PBBans has a wonderful group of mature and talented professionals (the staff only). When things begin to slip, it should be pointed out. I'd rather not discuss this publicly. If anyone wants to discuss this subject further, please send me a PM. But I will not be responding in this topic any longer.
  10. I'll pass on the links after BF4 is out and get my bro to favorite the servers streaming. Thanks all.
  11. Is there any way on knowing if a server is running PBBans prior to entering and playing? I'm asking this on behalf of my brother who will be getting Battlefield 4 since I've suggested to him to only play on servers that have PB enabled and are streaming to PBBans so he has the best chance of not playing with cheaters. I know there is a chance Battlefield 4 may not run PB, but if it does then great. From running a server myself, I don't recall there is any way of knowing prior. I know the PBHub can automate messages to players. And server owners can simply add "PBBans" in their server title to inform everyone before entering. But besides those two things, I don't know any other way of knowing if a server is streaming. Anyone else?
  12. Knives*

    bf4 and bf3 mbi?

    That troll face was really uncalled for and unprofessional, Taz. You can apply the restricted access but you shouldn't rub it in their face like a douchebag. Do you have proof that statistically a player is likely to cheat again in another game after they've been caught and globally banned? That would imply they never learned their lesson. Show some results to back up your claim, otherwise don't assume.
  13. Knives*

    SSL Certificate

    phpBB.com used to not use an SSL Certificate. After an exploit was found in a 3rd party application they used on their website, that flaw escalated which resulted in their entire website being compromised and personal contact information, that they stored on their forums, being leaked. After that, they stepped up their security. One of those security precautions was forcing their users to use "https". Anyone who uses "http" on phpBB.com gets redirected to "https" (e.g. https://www.phpbb.com/). I've tried using "https" on this site and see it is not an option. Wouldn't it be a great idea to use considering how many enemies PBBans has? It may end up protecting the staff and members here one day if the information sent and received is encrypted to prevent eavesdropping. For those that don't know what an SSL Certificate is, check this out to learn more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_Sockets_Layer
  14. Knives*

    Adobe Creative Suite 2 now Free

    "Adobe offering Creative Suite 2 for free, but they didn't mean to" http://www.techspot.com/news/51316-adobe-offering-creative-suite-2-for-free-but-they-didnt-mean-to.html
  15. Knives*

    Firefox Update Released

    If you're going to give advice, don't give stupid advice.

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