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  1. Are you still around, Nick?

  2. hello sir,
    few days ago i was banned globally from Battlefield servers. The reason for Ban was not stated. but whenever i try to join the server i states the following-
    "Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game Server for player 'Hurt_Locker_07' ... GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN df98a0d7"
    i have been playing this game since 6years now and i have never used any cheats and hacks. I play this game everyday. But now i can't please help me resolve this issue, you can even check my stats, it's not a hackers' or a cheaters' account.
    Thank you
  3. PBStaff_Nick

    Anyone Know Of A Good Web Host?

    Take a look at https://www.ipage.com/
  4. PBStaff_Nick

    while i dowloading from torrent, kicked by punkbuster

    Last reply oh the 3 steps of denial 1. Denial 2. Anger. 3. Acceptance
  5. PBStaff_Nick

    while i dowloading from torrent, kicked by punkbuster

    100% of the time i would not reply to a topic like this. Only way you going to fix this error you getting is to Buy a new game and to stop this error again from happening is to stop using cheats, for more info on your error contact your coder.
  6. PBStaff_Nick

    Best Linux OS?

  7. PBStaff_Nick

    Best Linux OS?

    Taz it comes down to what you are wanting to do with it, If you are wanting to do a lot of gaming with linux then try the Steam OS, right now i am running kubuntu but i have ran backtrack to Mint. But if i was you i would maybe try Ubuntu 1st and see how you get on with it or try Suse ( You can make your own Suse OS ) Don't forget that you can load a Linux on a USB stick and try it with out having to install it to a drive, so why not download a few of them and test them out and see which one you like best.
  8. PBStaff_Nick

    External ban ?

    What is your PB Guids?
  9. It is very easy for players to think that no one is looking in to their EB Support Ticket, or no one cares, but that is not the case. All information is looked at and checked. We are not going to remove ban just on some ones word, i have to have the evidence that it is this program / programs which is setting of a false positive. If i can not do that, then i am not going to go to my boss and say we have a false positive. When opening a support ticket, you need to give as much info as you can, if you rude the support team are not going to look at it, or pass on any information to me. The more information you can give in the ticket, the more it helps me to look in to it.
  10. PBStaff_Nick

    violation game hack 81570

    You not going,to get any info from me as that would be break my NDA. and as for you Marksmans you been a bad boy for some time. Think it would be bets to lock this one
  11. PBStaff_Nick

    violation game hack 81570

    What you want and what you get are not the same, even private cheats get detected.
  12. PBStaff_Nick

    violation game hack 81570

    Marksman you keep saying you have been hit by this ban, how about posting your PB guid so i can check, there is nothing i have seen which makes this a FP,
  13. PBStaff_Nick

    violation game hack 81570

  14. @Javadog This kick can happen if you alt tab out of the game a lot, @Cappy1892 This has nothing to do with any overlays

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