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  1. Hope thins run better with the new host Great to have you back up & online again :party0049:
  2. Odd i use Auto Hotkey to moderate an online game Desert operations & have it running whilst in game yet never been banned i stream to PBBANS & GGC yet never been banned so how is that possible ?... ; Helps ; ::m1:: /sticky ::m2:: /unsticky ::h1:: You can send a Support Ticket here: http://www.looki.co.uk/support/newticket.php?category=28 ::h2:: Everyone has a opinion, whatever it may be, this chat is not the place to air your personal views. Please stop the discussion, thanks ::h3:: Please keep the chat topics related to the game as this is the game chat and not a private chat
  3. Hi its been a while since i first ran a BFBC2 server & i cant seem to make HC & FF work in the server cfg's T.I.A.
  4. Whats the third in the series. I thought the 3rd was Crysis 2 ? (not being rude) if there is something ive missed I want to know as the SP is great in Crysis. I only have Crysis & Warhead but the MP did suck as said above but that said SP did look sweet when it came out in DX10 & everything turned way way up or "Enthusiast" as they called it in Crysis.
  5. Yeah i know & that's the link ive used for god knows how long and worked fine up untill other day as said in my OP it's not a biggy just making the webmaster aware of it (Maydax I presume)
  6. Insert BFBC2 where MOH is as well :) Good vid shame they are using another poor port as the game that is suppose to be better:blink: LOL
  7. Getting this error when i use my bookmark from before the update using the url [nofollow] http://www.pbbans.com/forums/forums.html [/nofollow] An Error Occurred Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. [#404] Sorry, we could not locate the page you are requesting to view. Please click here to return back to the forum's home Just a question of re-bookmarking or you could do a redirect to that URL either way not a biggy
  8. Same i agree but i also blame our Gov in the UK all this Political correctness and you can't slap your own child in my day if i had walked up to an adult and said FO to them my parents would have chastised me and then the person i said it to would have got an apology (not that i did that kind of thing) But these days i hear mothers swearing at their kids telling them to F-ing this & f-ing that of just being vulgar in general so the kids know no different then they get online & scream their heads of with profanities i normally tell them to grow up or just kick them from the server TBH i
  9. yeah i know all that watch the Vid i put in before your post But thanks anyway (dont make me go Mr S Jacksin gif on you now)
  10. Looks like might be worth buying i hope as he said they work on Sims for US Gov that means the engine might work as it says on the tin from the off. Shame its only 8 v 8 seems to be the only Down side "Whats the engine called again ?" ( joke ) Nice find Maydax Also did you find anything on that six days in Fallujah he was on about ? EDIT: (its 3rd person) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0oOGjEATjw & LOL to the News report
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