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  1. jimbouk1977

    Welcome Back Everyone

    Hope thins run better with the new host Great to have you back up & online again :party0049:
  2. jimbouk1977

    Viol 89246, 89296 and 89229 Bans Removed (BF3)

    Odd i use Auto Hotkey to moderate an online game Desert operations & have it running whilst in game yet never been banned i stream to PBBANS & GGC yet never been banned so how is that possible ?... ; Helps ; ::m1:: /sticky ::m2:: /unsticky ::h1:: You can send a Support Ticket here: http://www.looki.co.uk/support/newticket.php?category=28 ::h2:: Everyone has a opinion, whatever it may be, this chat is not the place to air your personal views. Please stop the discussion, thanks ::h3:: Please keep the chat topics related to the game as this is the game chat and not a private chat room. Thank you ::h4:: Please read the game manual here http://wiki.desert-operations.com/uk/index.php/Main_Page ::h5:: Please read chat rules and Game GTBS here http://uk.desert-operations.com/wiki and in the forums here http://www.looki.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=989 ::h6:: Please stop. To over emphasize words or names by adding redundant extra letters and/or special characters is annoying and disturbs the chat. ::h7:: ::h8:: ; ; Warnings ; ; ::a1:: No alliance recruiting please in this Room . Please use the Alliances chat lobby or PM. ; ::s1:: Swearing is against the rules. Even using **'s or abreviations in place of bad words is against the rules, and will result in you being muted. ; ::c1:: Dont use caps please, its considered shouting and is against the rules, and can result in you being muted. And there has been once or twice i spammed my server by mistake with auto hotkey so how is it only some were getting banned ?.(out of interest)
  3. jimbouk1977


    Hi its been a while since i first ran a BFBC2 server & i cant seem to make HC & FF work in the server cfg's T.I.A.
  4. jimbouk1977

    how are you doing it

    Please delete
  5. jimbouk1977

    Crysis 2 Delayed to 2011

    Whats the third in the series. I thought the 3rd was Crysis 2 ? (not being rude) if there is something ive missed I want to know as the SP is great in Crysis. I only have Crysis & Warhead but the MP did suck as said above but that said SP did look sweet when it came out in DX10 & everything turned way way up or "Enthusiast" as they called it in Crysis.
  6. jimbouk1977

    Forums Updated

    Yeah i know & that's the link ive used for god knows how long and worked fine up untill other day as said in my OP it's not a biggy just making the webmaster aware of it (Maydax I presume)
  7. jimbouk1977

    BFBC2 Iphone parody

    Insert BFBC2 where MOH is as well :) Good vid shame they are using another poor port as the game that is suppose to be better:blink: LOL
  8. jimbouk1977

    Forums Updated

    Getting this error when i use my bookmark from before the update using the url [nofollow] http://www.pbbans.com/forums/forums.html [/nofollow] An Error Occurred Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. [#404] Sorry, we could not locate the page you are requesting to view. Please click here to return back to the forum's home Just a question of re-bookmarking or you could do a redirect to that URL either way not a biggy
  9. jimbouk1977

    New Medal of Honor (Modern Day)

    Same i agree but i also blame our Gov in the UK all this Political correctness and you can't slap your own child in my day if i had walked up to an adult and said FO to them my parents would have chastised me and then the person i said it to would have got an apology (not that i did that kind of thing) But these days i hear mothers swearing at their kids telling them to F-ing this & f-ing that of just being vulgar in general so the kids know no different then they get online & scream their heads of with profanities i normally tell them to grow up or just kick them from the server TBH i cant stand being talked to like that from someone who is my junior some parents even find it funny that their kids do this kind of thing an actively encourage it, they should all be sterilised IMO. Wow I sound like a right-wing extremist
  10. jimbouk1977

    New Medal of Honor (Modern Day)

    yeah i know all that watch the Vid i put in before your post But thanks anyway (dont make me go Mr S Jacksin gif on you now)
  11. jimbouk1977

    New Medal of Honor (Modern Day)

    Looks like might be worth buying i hope as he said they work on Sims for US Gov that means the engine might work as it says on the tin from the off. Shame its only 8 v 8 seems to be the only Down side "Whats the engine called again ?" ( joke ) Nice find Maydax Also did you find anything on that six days in Fallujah he was on about ? EDIT: (its 3rd person) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0oOGjEATjw & LOL to the News report
  12. jimbouk1977

    New Medal of Honor (Modern Day)

    Why don't you make your own game LMAO It is dicks like that, that are to blame 15 year olds who don't know any better im not saying i don't like a good tactical game i much prefer BF to COD but not the new BF thats for sure !. but saying that MW2 is a bigger joke (but it kind of works) As ive said im all for new looks & engines but not the dumbing down of PC gaming !.
  13. jimbouk1977

    New Medal of Honor (Modern Day)

    I thinks they are not getting the interest they thought they would or it sucks really BAD Cant even get it to work on the platform it was built for LMAO
  14. jimbouk1977

    New Medal of Honor (Modern Day)

    EA & Activision need to stop having brain farts & remember what made them big names in the beginning EA being the worse of the two IMO they buy up these DEV houses & then just push them to make deadlines they cant & then just release substandard crap ! no matter what the game maker says about it so I don't blame the Devs as much as I blame the damn money men, but that said certain company should grow a pair a stand up and say we can't release this crap ! & we wont (but easier said than done when held by the short & curlies) End of the day i think it will be a case of try before you buy from now on in !. MOH not touching it.
  15. jimbouk1977

    New Medal of Honor (Modern Day)

    wow how many times did i say Simple as above lol yeah CTD invisible walls um chat box was an issue might be fixed now didn't give it another chance played once and that was that Well at least i can thank them they saved me £40 Edit: then there was the server refresh and as said above controll change = crash if i remember more i will get back to you
  16. jimbouk1977

    iPhone 4 - Your Take?

    it makes calls !
  17. jimbouk1977

    New Medal of Honor (Modern Day)

    Anyone with a ounze of sense will realise it is just a mis mash of BFBC2 & COD MW2 maybe a bit of KZ in there for good measure. But if you have played the so called Beta & BFBC2 you must be mad if you buy it I.M.O !. the game engine is not meant to be on PC simple as it can't be fixed (imo) simple as so don't waste your money & maybe just maybe they might realise and do something about it next time round.
  18. jimbouk1977

    New Medal of Honor (Modern Day)

    Yeah it is the same game im holding out for i just hope it is ok !. otherwise as you said PC gaming is over i will keep running older titles but its a shame there is so much more potential in PC gaming compared to console but these damn corporations just don't care about the clients i know they are money orientated but they should still listen to what the customer wants & is saying.
  19. jimbouk1977

    New Medal of Honor (Modern Day)

    You can say that again!. Basically they should not port from console to PC simple as that i.m.o. This might sound a bit hypocritical but its like MW2 the more that buy it & buy the next one along in the series it only makes the Dev make more like it they go by sales not how many left the game after a month !. MW2 DLC on PC the more that buy it the more likely the will do it in future same as stupid ports the more us PC gamers buy / play them the more we will get. Sad thing is I cant see it changing tact from now on in I just hope the cleaning of house at IW makes them see sence when it comes to P2P hosting / No mods Cod & the original BF games were great for mods it made the game have staying power these days all new FPS look alike feel the same & have no longevity. I.M.O PC gaming is dying Sad thing is I hate the fact I buy these titles on the off-chance they might be ok. so im just as bad as the next guy who does the same thing
  20. jimbouk1977

    New Medal of Honor (Modern Day)

    yeah Xbox 360 got one game runs fine on it both BFBC2 & MOH but on my Q9650 it runs fine BUt my 295GTX only ever uses about 28% some other GPU's don't seem to have this issue but on BFBC2 & multi chip GPU's mainly the 295 there seems to be some really bad issue with it not utilising it to the max. I've had no end of peps saying it my system bottlenecking the GPU bla bla bla but I've got the top Quad core chip under a DxDiag.txt
  21. jimbouk1977

    New Medal of Honor (Modern Day)

    At the end of the day it wont run smooth on PC as it's not built for PC and as for FPS on MOH it will be the same as BFBC2 & not utilize GPU's as it should & be a CPU hog instead.. I just hope if Dice ever get round to BF3 (you know the so called game they're making just for PC) it will look new, & have destruction, run smooth no laggy rubber banding piss poor netcode & crap patch system, have mod tools / public files & so on & so on. (but it wont) If it ever gets made EA are to busy pushing crap out these days to maximise profits. As for COD 4 engine it is getting very out dated but that said at least it bloody works As said above if you like PC gaming I would steer well clear of MOH

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