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  1. Everson

    Viol 89246, 89296 and 89229 Bans Removed (BF3)

    http://www.ggc-stream.com/news/133/Violations+%2389246+and+%2389296+%28Allegedly+Auto+Hot+Key%29 It'd be neglectful for PBBans, and other third party A/C organisations, not to act in the best interests of this community where seen appropriate. We do not make cavalier (Showing a lack of proper concern; offhand.) decisions and we have a reason for everything we do - which should now be very clear. While we appreciate that there is an illegitimate use for AHK (allegedly) there is also a large legitimate use. Where we can not guarantee that a ban is conclusively as a result of a cheat/hack it is given the benefit of the doubt; it's how we maintain the integrity of our service and MBi.
  2. They open a ban appeal with whoever has banned them.
  3. Everson

    Steam Intrusion Update

    http://www.valvesoftware.com/news/ ;-)
  4. http://www.pbbans.com/forums/ddos-reports-t144497.html
  5. Everson

    Serveur no streamer

  6. Everson

    PBBans Being Strict

    Both are as important as each other, various features rely on certain information being relayed from and to the server.
  7. Everson

    PBBans Being Strict

    UCON = Inbound and Outbound Streams
  8. Everson

    PBBans Being Strict

    A topic lock achieves nothing but gives the impression that PBBans isn't prepared to defend it's very valid viewpoints within it's own community. In IRC yesterday it was discussed that had this topic have been posted over at GGC it would have been locked or deleted long before now. This topic isn't personal, it's factual and therefore has no reason to be locked - if there was flaming or heatedness then it'd be a different story. If GGC wishes to enter a behind closed doors discussion with us then they are welcome to do so, however, when statements are made in public they deserve responses not censorship and avoidance which goes against a PBBans key objective of transparency.
  9. Everson

    PBBans Being Strict

    Take the tip and utilize it or not. A simple tip off should be enough for you to act and investigate, another area we appear to be more proactive in based on your response - if you determine that no action needs to be taken, as per your own policies, then don't take any but atleast investigate! All I'm highlighting is clear flaws in your "quality checking" and your system, it's constructive criticism - you've come here and repeatedly posted responses "defending" the GGC position in response to "attacks". Whereas all we've done is post facts, which I've already said are not "attacks". The fact that you have an individual, with very deep ties as a member of staff at a well known cheat site is worrying in itself: an individual which actively interacts at GGC and utilizes services - thus making your system extremely high risk. We've tried with GGC in the past, we really have - the "partnership" didn't end for no reason: http://www.pbbans.com/forums/clearing-the-air-t147568.html issues which GGC still refuse to acknowledge and accept today: http://www.ggc-stream.com/news/124/PBBans+cancels+Partnership+with+GGC Similarly I think we've made our point - many posts ago in fact.
  10. Everson

    PBBans Being Strict

    In the interest of "working together against cheaters" then could I suggest that you run full background checks on all of your commentators on the GGC "PBBans cancels Partnership with GGC" announcement thread. Atleast one of them has an EvenBalance violation and one of them is associated with a well known cheat site, oh and they're streamers at GGC! *facepalm*
  11. Everson

    MBi private for Streaming Admins ONLY

    It's always best for server admins to use the 'Enforce Bans' flag within their AccCP on each server. Really the downloadable ban lists are something which should be occasionally downloaded for use in the rare event of the hub ever going down - ensures old bans aren't enforced, etc, etc. We have discussed the removal of public banlists or the dating of them to only have bans 30 days+ within, not only to encourage streaming but also to avoid incidents where outdated banlists are being enforced. Nothing's changed there for the moment and I don't believe there are immediate plans to either. If you like public ban lists does sort of encourage streaming because it shows part of what we have to offer, however, promotion is also an aspect to be seriously considered so people know what the benefits of streaming with PBBans are: live banning, MCi configs, etc, etc In addition to that the banlists are handy for those to use who don't meet our streaming requirements but are able to, and well if cheaters want to enforce our bans on their servers too then they're more than welcome to. The biggest thing that'll bring in more streamers to PBBans is effective anti-cheat within the gaming community, good communication and promotion while banlists and their availability is a factor... it's part of a huge picture.
  12. Everson

    Pbbans crashing server?

    1) Update PunkBuster on your server; 2) Ensure you're running the latest game patch; 3) Update all your PB config's with those from our MCi (link on top navigation). If the issue still persists open a ticket (seen only by yourself and staff) and copy in all of your PB configs. http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?app=tickets&module=tickets&section=post&do=new_ticket&ticket_department=1
  13. Everson

    PBBans Being Strict

    What about it? I mean we could do point, counter-point, but what does it actually achieve?
  14. Everson

    PBBans Being Strict

    Bottom line is any streaming system is insecure. Now when you know something is insecure and you also know there's very little you can do to mitigate that situation you'd normally work on reducing the risk involved - which is exactly what PBBans does. However, (and this has always been a big sticking point) reducing that risk ultimately means ensuring you have some requirements in terms of whom is able to utilize your services. To say that GGC incurs no increased risk through allowing home servers, and known cheaters/cheat coders, to stream "does not put GGC at an increased risk" is tenuous at best. Let's be realistic about the situation it's not an attack to say "blahblah" is vulnerable to attack, it's a fact.
  15. Everson

    Firefox Update Released

    9.0 is out now - no doubt we'll be on 15.0.1 by next December. Will get a PBBans Toolbar update out ASAP.

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