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  1. hellreturn

    XBox One - Update

    I see more business for Sony in long run if they allow to play games without internet and I guess once they mentioned that. Not sure if that will change or not.
  2. hellreturn

    Dirty Bomb

    Finally some statistics to improve game play rather then some show off....
  3. hellreturn

    :'( Good bye all...

    Happy New Year!! :)
  4. hellreturn

    WD VelociRaptor 600GB HDD

    Prices of HD are going down overall and also cos of SSD. I have seen most of the new website hosting companies have started using SSD. If I had money, I would use SSD, Raptor in RAID -1 and Hybrid for storage. :) That would be rock and roll for my personal usage.
  5. hellreturn

    PBBans Facebook Fan Page?

    I believe FB pages have option so that regular users can't post.
  6. hellreturn

    Nvidia Forums Hacked

    I believe they where using old IPB 2.x series, iirc.
  7. hellreturn

    advertising images for pbbans

    Their are few available: Please check out this link: http://www.pbbans.com/link-to-us.html
  8. hellreturn

    Help with 40maps in one Rotations?

    IIRC, Referenced pk3 files at the server are major contributors to the gamestate characters. Depending on mod and number of players playing I wouldn't suggest more then 10 (obj cycle) -32 (map voting gametype) maps. 32 is the max limit in map voting feature of any mod afaik.
  9. hellreturn

    Duda sobre cargar archivo de lista ET

    Those ET.exe are perfectly fine. You can play without any problem. Better to change the host file directly. Option 1 is much better.
  10. hellreturn


    Game is dead and complete failure. Sooner or later they should make it free like ET or TF2.
  11. hellreturn


    Try what Maydax said: http://www.pbbans.com/forums/streaming-offline-nov-6-2011-t149700.html/page__view__findpost__p__388535
  12. hellreturn

    Battlefield 3

    Wait for 6 months and game will be available in 19.99$ and in 6 months major bugs will be also fixed. That's what I am gonna do. More or less, till then I will enjoy COD4 MW3 probably because we will be starting 3 servers for it in different locations. Looks like EA doesn't understand that PC community revolves around clans and communities and without server files less admins are going to host server. Less admins hosting server = less communities participating in new games causing new games to die faster. I am not sure how many are like me but I would prefer to play games with my online friends. There is no fun to play FPS games without your friends... Keep removing sever files, keep increasing server cost and sooner or later, admins will stop renting/starting new servers. COD4 still has approximate 10,000 servers and I guess Activision learned the lesson from Black ops.
  13. Happy B'day champ :) This time, I am right on time! :)

  14. hellreturn

    Heat Wave in the U.S.

    It's 98F outside but it feels like 105F.... Got skin burn all over the hand and pollen's make it worse.
  15. I assume, you are good to now :)

  16. hellreturn

    Battlefield Heroes Breached

    As per news, Lulzsec ends hacking spree. Sony, will be happy I guess.
  17. hellreturn

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    Black Ops is the last COD series, I bought. No dedicated server files, no money. I even never bought any DLC crap. They are forgetting one thing. WoW is based on level and people can keep doing same thing for there lifetime. In any COD series they can't because how many perks they are going to add? Once the level is reached, players will start getting bored. It would work in the beginning but in long run, I doubt it.
  18. hellreturn

    Battlefield 3

    Some customers will never learn and they will still buy it :) IMO most of the PC games are dying because it needs hardware upgrade every 2 years or so while console games doesn't require much hardware upgrade and on the top gameplay is getting worse and now a days it's more about DLC.
  19. hellreturn

    Battlefield 3

    It's not VAC only, new anti cheat for ET and COD4 also does that. Example: COD4: http://sl-anticheat.com/screenshot.php?id=1707899 ET: http://sl-anticheat.com/screenshot.php?id=333045 http://sl-anticheat.com/cheaters.php
  20. hellreturn

    Battlefield 3

    Unwillingness to fix the issue or they just don't know how to. Either or. :D PS I don't think they will fix the issue unless EA tells, fix it or no more PB.
  21. hellreturn


    Played for few hours during weekend. I really like the game play idea and I am enjoying it. Only 1 major issue. On couple of maps, I loose sound for whole map. I would suggest to buy one when it comes in deal of 35$ or less. It's worth a try. I hope next patch would fix the sound issues.
  22. hellreturn


    Teamwork is must in this game and if you get solo players in your team, it will piss of you. Ammo/Health depends on your team because you will be low on it pretty often so team work is must. Basically you will win the map if you play in team. I haven't played the game much to give my opinion but it's more likely when BF3 comes out this will remain on shelf. Sometimes I feel I am playing some new version of TF2...or probably it's just me.
  23. Sunshine, welcome to staff :)

  24. hellreturn

    Cryengine 3 GDC 11 - Exclusive Tech Showcase

    WOW Looks pretty!
  25. hellreturn

    Low Ping Game Servers Sold

    Link removed. :) Thanks

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