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  1. Hi friend! Help me active a server... tks

  2. Hi friend! Help me active a server... tks

  3. Hi friend! Help me active a server... tks

  4. Help me friend. We has a server Pending Admin Approval too.
  5. Yes. Here we go. Website: www.balaclan.forumeiros.com Memberlist: www.balaclan.forumeiros.com/memberlist Thanks alot for be patient
  6. I'm sorry. I did a mistake. That website is not working anymore.. It's down! So, What we do have right now and It's active is that: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/clanbandodelampiao Please regard it. Thanks a lot.
  7. Hello, i like to request for full streaming admin, im now a streaming lite admin Website : www.balaaapg.ddns.net Memberlist : www.balaaapg.ddns.net/memberslist AAPG Server ip : Regards Kabra
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