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    (pdf - application/pdf)
  2. fozzer

    PB Setup Guide

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    (pdf - application/pdf)
  4. fozzer

    Unbann me pls

    You need to read this very carefully .... it will tell you the correct organization to contact re your global ban; https://www.pbbans.com/global-punkbuster-ban.html
  5. fozzer

    AAPG streaming problem

    The correct port for AAPG streaming is 7778 I added the correct server IP/Port for you and the server is streaming nicely. I left the original server IP/Port on your team account ... just delete it once you have taken a peek.
  6. fozzer

    SCS_Sabret has passed away.

    I have been awol with some health issues myself and was deeply shocked to pop in here and be greeted with this news. Sabret was recruited as a PBBans staff member 4 years ago, primarily as a league coordinator/ league advisor. After a short while she offered some of her free time to assist in other aspects of the PBBans "behind the scenes" workload and turned out to be a quick learner with a natural practical ability for anti cheat work. Always fair minded, honest and straight, she will be sorely missed by the rest of the staff.
  7. fozzer

    Please Unban me , it have been 5 months

  8. fozzer

    An old ban from my friend in BF3

    Your friend triggered a cheat violation via punkbuster software. Even Balance who are the creators and maintainers of punkbuster software always have the last say when an appeal is made concerning their own software. Your friends appeal was made on June 04, 2014 (a full 8 months after being detected) and he got a reply the very same day from an Even Balance staff member; We never lift valid bans. If your friend wants to play on PBBans protected servers he will need a new Origin account and a new game.
  9. fozzer

    User account deleted

    We had an issue with new forum registrants over the last 3 days or so. Everyone who registered during that time period will have to re-register so our basic vetting procedures can be instigated. This is a necessity because the basic forum account and its unique ID number is tied to a lot more than just being able to post on our forums.
  10. fozzer

    Server not streaming

    The server has been added to your team account and is not streaming. It's up to you to get it streaming, all you need advice wise is here; http://www.pbbans.com/info-center-hubguide.html All you need to remember is to use the rcon port to set things up.
  11. fozzer

    External ban ?

    It is a server admins choice to enforce any external ban list (EBL). The feature is only available to admins that stream servers and not every streaming server admin chooses to enable that particular option. Apart from posting a message on the Respected Admins shoutbox, what other contact method have you tried ? Have you contacted the admin of the server you are having a problem joining ?
  12. fozzer

    Banned by pb

    PBBans do not hold a ban on your BF4 pbguid. I can not find any ban related to you on any other third party ban list. Your BF4 pbguid is not globally banned by Even Balance. Conclusion: If you are banned from a server it is a locally applied ban that has been made by the server admin(s) You will need to contact the admins of the server you are experiencing difficulties joining and iron out your issue with them.
  13. But 2 minutes later he can join the official server he was caught on and not get kicked because BF4 official servers ignore UCON commands so the enforce bans feature is useless on official servers. Official servers support cheaters.
  14. fozzer

    PB support discontinued for Battlefield 2

    The PB files needed are available in our downloads section. http://www.pbbans.com/forums/downloads.html
  15. fozzer

    ggc stream

    You got the wrong website, this is PBBans.com not ggc-stream. I'm sure that if they are experiencing issues with their forums they are aware of it and working on a fix. Patience is the key when experiencing issues of this type.
  16. Look at Magnets post again. It's right there before your very eyes. Once you get the streaming commands right at your end of things .. streaming will kick in immediately. http://www.pbbans.com/info-center-hubguide.html
  17. fozzer

    Unofficial Ban?

    That's why your a Lite streaming admin :P As mentioned earlier, we do our utmost to maintain ban list integrity and that includes every full streaming admin meeting the requirements required for full streaming. The requirements were put in place after some hard learned lessons 7 years ago and there are no exceptions.
  18. I added the correct server address to your team account and the server is streaming nicely; *************************************************************** Team: Squad Power Gaming (*[SPG]*) Account ID: 15967 Streaming Status: Streaming (1 / 1) *************************************************************** For future reference. You always use the rcon/query port to set things up. You always use the actual game/join port when adding to a team account.
  19. fozzer

    PB support discontinued for Call of Duty 4

    Just off the top of my head. Even Balance have dropped support for the COD series but you can still run PB enabled servers. By using the legacy PB files in the PBBans downloads section a server admin can prevent; keygen users joining their servers. pbguid spoofers using their servers. A server admin can also utilize; MD5 cheat related scans. cvar cheat related scans. PB screenshots that can be verified as untampered with. Ingame demo's that can be verified as untampered with. PBBans streaming servers are also subject to generic cvar scans and, exclusive to PBBans, cheat file matches. As always, there are still players raising valid PB cheat violations and still being added to the PBBans ban list. Example; http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-9a0c2fe3-vb384032.html The PBBans Hub will keep 95,199 (and counting) proven cheaters off your servers. The PBBans Hub will provide welcome messages for joining players. There is the PBBans Hub "live" feature and probably a lot more to list if I had time to waste researching pros and cons of running PB enabled COD4 servers V no PB COD4 servers. Pros of running PB enabled COD4 servers = all of the above. Cons of running PB enabled COD4 servers = it requires a little effort to get things up and running. Pros of running none PB enabled COD4 servers = it takes no effort to get a server up and running. Cons of running none PB enabled COD4 servers = you attract all the riff raff that the game has to offer and none of the above is applicable to you. What's the point of having admins on a server with no PB 24/7 :unsure: no matter how many cheaters / undesirables you get rid of, they can reconnect within a minute with no problem what so ever. Strikes me that it's not the server admins streaming here with a problem :P
  20. fozzer

    Need some opinions

    Screenshots can be easily faked so no staff member will comment on a screenshot that comes from an outside source and has no streamed log data to authenticate it as a genuine screenshot that has not been tampered with. We have a dedicated forum section that deals exclusively with screenshot submissions, and staff members that deal with screenshot submissions week in, week out. This forum section is only available to server admins that stream their servers via the PBBans Hub. http://www.pbbans.com/info-center-beginnersguide.html
  21. If a particular issue affected the streaming status of BF4 servers then none would be streaming :P .... as your issue is specific to you alone the standard copy/paste reply is;

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