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  1. The GUID in your OP is not the one you are using, the one you are using is 2a3265f21f3a5ef213a08a319f806307. This GUID on the other hand is Global Banned, and you can take contact with EvenBalance and make a ticket. Link: https://www.evenbalance.com/troubleticket/ PBBans can't help you further with this mate, good luck!.
  2. Oh don't worry about those warnings, that just to let you know what the server is using as setting. You haven't done anything wrong, and have nothing to fear for
  3. Is it because I'm running firefox that the news isn't showing up on the main page anymore? Also the theme for the forum seems to be different as well, like the css even and odd child you used to have and the fonts looks different.
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