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  1. thanks HSMagnet & Thanks Antoux, hope it works this time Best Regards
  2. Hello Again, a new application is done with my co admin name Antoux, Best Regards
  3. i understand your rule & of course security it's what we are all searching for, still think it's not fair honestly to deny me can i repeat the application with adding my co admin & my son's GUID & name instead of mine? thanks for your help HSMagnet
  4. Hello, you are assuming this, but you must understand that people travel, i'm one of them & why i'm denied to play from different location, my GUID is not shared or leaked, if you think other wise you must tell me how to prove it, nothing is wrong if i play my game when i travel, i'm a server owner & admin i need to follow up & play on my server when i get the chance, why it's case sensetive, u must tell me how to correct this to be able to stream, thank you
  5. hello, i'm trying to apply for a streaming application & my application is denied due to a security check stating that my GUID is used from different locations i never gave my account info to anyone to use beside me & i usually travel for work & play a game or 2 from different locations but this is a freedom of movement & shouldn't be a reason to deny my application, i'm trying to join my server to stream to PBBans to enjoy a cheat free & clean server for me & my clan & all friends & visitors, my application been denied 2 times & i'm asking for he
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