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  1. Why not get a better video card? Hopefully your computer has a pci express card slot so buy a good video card and install it in that slot and disable the on board video card that you have been using. Then load up the drivers for your new video card and game away. If you finally buy or build a newer computer then remove the new card from your old computer and install it in your newer computer.
  2. I actually did look up your servers to see the version so I was a little curious about what means the hacker was using to try to gain access to your servers since I hadn't heard of that previously.
  3. You can of course ban them from your server but, it will not go onto the pbbans.com MBI. You can however report the user to their ISP and you can even take legal action against them. You need to make sure that they weren't using a proxy so that you can verify if it's really a known person but, the next question is how do you know that they hacked your server? Guessing the rcon? That's one of the major reasons that people upgraded to the latest version of your game to avoid a player from getting your rcon since previous versions of the game were vulnerable to getting that information if you
  4. http://www.planetwolfenstein.com/server/advanced.shtml
  5. It has nothing to do with 2.60b mentality. This should be common sense for any game out there. There are security holes among other things that have been fixed with the "b" patch. Just like 1.41b in RTCW and other games. Until the "b" patch a hacker using a little program could easily download the server's entire config including the rcon password if the rcon password was included in the config. Before the "b" patch and I was admin of a RTCW server I had to set the rcon password in the command line of the start script. Otherwise anyone who had that program could download the rcon passwor
  6. If all of a sudden one day the servers were all updated and the people who hadn't updated their client would not be able to play on those servers. How long do you think it would take for all of those ignorant noobs to figure out how to update their game? Not very long.
  7. If you started having your server spam that "this server will be updating to version 2.60b next Friday and that the players needed to do the same thing" they'd look for the update and learn all by themselves at that point. There are actually a lot of RTCW servers out there that run a modded version of 1.0 which didn't come with Punkbuster and they refuse to update. How retarded is that? There's half a community of backwards thinking RTCW players who play that crap and the other fragmented half who play 1.41b. If RTCW had come with a built in autoupdate button then I would have hoped
  8. An even better idea would be to update your game to the latest version. I never understand the logic in someone not updating their game or server.
  9. http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=dl-et.php Pick the server update files For Admins Filename: pbsecsv.htm and copy that into your pb folder on the server and then do a pb_sv_update via rcon and it wouldn't hurt to restart the server afterwards. Hopefully that will get it updated.
  10. http://www.pbbans.com/mbi.php?action=5&ban_id=25858 Is the SoF2 violation that shows up when you do a search for the last 8 digits of the GUID but, apparently the MBI is not limiting cross game searches even when you specify to only look in RTCW bans. Then again, PsB does not limit searches to any particular game. So just type in any 8 digit GUID and it'll show any info for a matching GUID. I have only ever had 3 or 4 times where a search returned 2 GUID's who's last 8 digits matched in different games. It does save a person from having to specify which game they are searching e
  11. It takes no more server resources to check for the other checks and why would you not want to check for all the known traces of hacks on a player's computer? The more checks the better. Just because there is a switch in the pbsvuser.cfg which tells the md5tool to look in a different mod folder than what your server runs is no excuse to remove those valuable checks.
  12. You were looking at his PB GUID correct? Just the last 8 digits of his PB GUID are all that's necessary. You could post his GUID here and we could tell if there is a problem with it and you would have to look in the SV LOGS folder which is inside the PB folder to look at his GUID after he was kicked. The pbbans.dat file is where the ban list is located.
  13. The pleasure was all mine. I only regret that we haven't caught even more so far from that last input. It's guys like you and Benway who do something with the info so promptly that is making PBBans the premiere anti-cheat site.
  14. Can you please post your PB GUID? So we can look this up.
  15. Well I'm glad Benway had already made this connection because I just saw the new MBI entry and I was coming to verify and you guys already had him hooked. Beware great shooting Australian's.
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