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  1. Bulld0g

    [ X-RaY Anti Cheat ] Somebody knows here?

    yeah it works with pb!
  2. Bulld0g

    GameHack #80332

    Exactly its gone mad tbh i dont know how they doing it!
  3. Bulld0g

    Welcome Back .. Take 2

    Good to have the site back :) excellent news as i just got back from a weeks holiday and when i left things were bad !
  4. Bulld0g

    what should i do?

    yes of course its possible as they use different streaming methods. This thread http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showforum=347 will tell you how to do it. If in dought pm an admin and they will be pleased to help. gl hf
  5. Bulld0g

    what should i do?

    Having looked at the 2 IP's used on your account its clear they are from 2 differnet areas so your probably telling the truth. However, your guid is solely your responsibility and i feel you have just learned a hard lesson. Never lend your key to anyone. Just for statistics sake no one has ever admitted to me it was them hacking. they always say brother, sister, friend, spoofer etc. Its hard to prove it wasn't you so i wish you good luck but i feel you will get nowhere and understand why.
  6. Bulld0g

    clanbase config and pbsv.cfg

    i resemble that comment :D
  7. Bulld0g

    Server Move Complete

    Excellent :rockon:
  8. Bulld0g

    i f*cked it up again

    or try Delete everything in folder pb download this: http://websec.evenbalance.com/downloads/windows/pbsetup.exe save to pb folder run it add a game - ET check for updates
  9. Bulld0g

    i f*cked it up again

    try adding etguidauth.evenbalance.com to your system32/etc/hosts file open with notepad!
  10. Bulld0g

    Cvar ban

    The bot in question can have the cvar letters changed around and this is a clear bust! he has the aim toggle of a very well known hack and im sure that people who purchased it wouldn't leave the cvars in their configs for download :P
  11. Bulld0g

    pbban cvar and clanwar config

    I'm trying to get them changed but im sure it falls on deaf ears!
  12. Bulld0g

    ETQW First Impressions

    I fully agree its a lot of fun with a scope for something different. Its not quake its not ET its afun mix of them both with vehicles also. Crazy building and i managed a few revives :P overall really liked it!!!!
  13. luke hacks: !compare.ip luk4 compare.ip: PunkBuster Server: 1116 02b31b01e937c83710c16f8b5bd5d6a4 {0/-1} testcheater VIOLATION (test cheater)//PunkBuster Server: End of Ban List (1 of 1117 displayed) joking ofc n1 mate good work :)
  14. Bulld0g

    master player index 3/4

    while we are on the subject i donated on behalf of #cheatbusters.et under the name [email protected] :) cause i <3 u all. Is that sucking enought ?
  15. Bulld0g


    yes its a cheat cvar kill him ! :P

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