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  1. =US= Fates Warning

    PB INIT Failure ???

    A new update was posted today. If you're not running client version 2.049 you will get kicked. See previous messages for a link to the PB Setup program. It only takes 30 seconds to fix.
  2. =US= Fates Warning

    Corrupted File/Memory (81062)

    Thanks. Fortunately rebooting my computer seems to have fixed it without doing anything else. Must have just been a glitch in memory on my computer.
  3. =US= Fates Warning

    Corrupted File/Memory (81062)

    I just ran into a problem with SoF2 that I've never run into before. I very rarely play anywhere but on our own server, so I know I haven't been anywhere to pick up any mods, but last night everything was running fine, and tonight I'm getting "kicked by PunkBuster for 0 minutes, RESTRICTION: Corrupted File/Memory (81062)." Does anyone have any idea what this is or how to isolate which file has gone bad? I'm going to try rebooting first to see if that clears any memory issues, but if that doesn't work, I dread the thought of reinstalling SoF2 and trying to get all my settings right again after 4 or 5 years of playing. Thanks
  4. =US= Fates Warning


    Thanks. Our server config has been corrected.
  5. =US= Fates Warning


    If anyone has any new info on this subject I'd be interested to hear it. It looks like the same thing happened to us. Last night while two sysops and several players were on our server, someone came in, asked who the admins were, and 10 seconds later we were both "permenantly banned from the server by PB; banned by admin!" I shut down the server immediately to see what had happened and limit any additional data corruption. (As the server was shutting down, another person with the same tags [s-S] was trying to enter... it looked like an invasion!) I traced the IP of the guy who did it and he shows up as "clean" in the MPI. There's no normal way I know of that anyone could do that. I found our names listed on the local pbban.dat file, and our admin.cfg and clan.cfg files were corrupted (no readable new entries, but damaged data). There were no other suspicious entries in any of the log files, other than them showing we had been kicked. Any suggestions? Is there some new server hack circulating?
  6. =US= Fates Warning

    Website Feedback

    I think you guys do a great job, which results in my job as "Security Officer" being much easier. One feature I do use to head off future problems is that anyone applying for membership in our clan is pre-screened via the Master Player Index to be sure we're not taking someone on that has a problematic past. There is nothing worse for a clan than having someone get busted wearing our tags. Thanks to the Master Player Index (MPI), we can often stop that before it becomes an issue. It also alerts us to less severe problems (not cheaters, but possibly more annoying) before they become a headache for us. For example, someone seeking membership that has used 35 aliases and has belonged to six other clans over the course of a year would be questioned must more about their motives than someone with a squeaky clean history. I love the tools you have available and the changes you've been making that keep the gaming enviromnent healthy and cheater free. Keep up the good work!
  7. =US= Fates Warning

    Topic Title: Hub Game: SoF2 Clantag; =US=
  8. =US= Fates Warning

    Looks good from here. I didn't change anything. PBBans Hub Server Search Server Status: Server is streaming via Hub Server Info Clan Tag: =US= Server IP: Last Streaming: December 17, 2006 4:14 pm Log Forwarding: None
  9. =US= Fates Warning Hub Game: SoF2 Clan Tag: =US=

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