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  1. thank-you fozzer. hopefully one day et will be cheat free, please keep up all the good work you all do at pbbans. :)
  2. hi again sorry about this, but quite a few people who have read this thread feel there is still doubt over this ban http://www.pbbans.com/mbi.php?action=5&ban_id=12483 because no-one here will actually comit and say it was not a mistake they feel this may be the case. the accused is 14 years old and doesnt have much computer knowledge, he appealed the ban which was denied and he sais he was given no reason why it was denied, but on another thread somewhere on this forum i read that evenbalance send an e-mail with their reasons, is this correct, as he has not shown or mentioned any e-
  3. ok thank-you, i am not doubting pbbans system in anyway, its great to have such a valuable ally on our servers, i just wanted to be sure there could be no mistake with his multihack ban before he is banned by us. thanks again for your time and help col musturd
  4. would you recommend we ban him through rcon from our servers then. if he has cheated and got back in there is always that chance he will do it again is how we see it at NB. would you agree with that assumption col musturd
  5. hi again his appeal was denied but he still got back on our server yesterday, he said all he did to get back on was uninstall et then reinstalled it. is it that easy to get round a pb ban?
  6. he appealed his ban but his appeal was denied, does this mean there is no mistake and he WAS using hacks, and thanks for helping out foxdie colmusturd
  7. would he recieve that multihack #70416 ban if he didnt use a hack
  8. hi does anyone know what multihack #70416 is. we had a player banned from our server just now but he insists he does not hack. i must admit hes not the greatest player ive seen is there a way to find out what that hack number means. thank-you for any help
  9. we have our servers set up with streaming pb, about 1 week now. its catching plenty of cheats. great work pbbans.
  10. thx for the reply. we have a regular on our servers who tried connecting. im not allowed to post screenshots or anything so thought i would find out why he/she had a pb hardware ban message come up preventing him/her from getting on our server. he/she was back on our server 10 minutes later but with a new guid. i dont want to ban them incase it was just a mistake, but i was already sure pb dont make mistakes like that. just wanted confirmation it would have been for a hack of some kind. thx again. col musturd
  11. hi just out of curiosity what is a pb hardware ban and why would anyone recieve it. is it to do with cheating or can it be for lots of things. col.
  12. hi mr buckly if you get time can you let me know how to stream our servers to pb plz. thx. your old pal col musturd
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