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  1. Tag:Harry Name: HarryHomers Website: http://www.harryhomers.org Game: ET Server: cheers.
  2. JohnDory

    Hi Fozzer, Can I add another server via this thread or do I need to have another one ? if not here is the new server Server IP: Server Port : 28160 Game : Enemy Territory Clan Tag : Harry Cheers.
  3. JohnDory

    Hi fozzer, Some one at our host deleted the directory with streaming details in :rolleyes: :( I have had it re-instated it and rebooted the server :D so we should be be streamimg again. Can you check it out for me please thanks.
  4. JohnDory

    Thanks for your time and help :D B)
  5. JohnDory

    Hi there fozzer, Sorry for the delay in answering you, yes, setting checked and appear to be correct.They (the settings) are the same for both servers. Both servers are on a dedicated machine host by Multiplay One question though ? the server ( at the moment is passworded and running ETpro does this make a difference? If there is any other information you need please ask :D Thank you for your help
  6. Server IP: Server Port : 27960 Game : Enemy Territory Clan Tag : Harry Server IP: Server Port : 28060 Game : Enemy Territory Clan Tag : Harry
  7. JohnDory

    Trick jump maps

    Hi there, Noob after advise here I have been asked to set up a trick jump campaign cycle on one of our servers and to add "/devamp that way people get good training with things like nofatigue an such." Is this legal or will it lead to a ban ? Thanks. Mike.

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