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  1. -g2.-De.-Ciph3r-.eD

    Servers are blacklisted?

    We used gameservers for years, but due to donations i have purchased a dedicated box that will now host our servers. All ports are configured and the servers run great, and stream just fine to other AC repositories, however after adding it last night, noticing it wasn't there today, then adding again, i got a message that it was blacklisted. Why? IP is
  2. -g2.-De.-Ciph3r-.eD

    Added New Server IP, Deleted Old One

    Of course, I have personally worked with you guys in the past on several things and look forward to working with you with PGL. Apologies if I came off on the wrong foot, hard to tell a tone via a forum. No disrespect meant.
  3. -g2.-De.-Ciph3r-.eD

    Added New Server IP, Deleted Old One

    Understood. Please understand its the exact same glitch ANY PBUCON repository would experience. I did not want to start pulling strings with who I have worked with for the last 3 years until I had something to show for it. The league is still in testing, so when we go live you will receive a PM. Until then, fill free to refer any other PGL streaming issues to http://www.perspectivegaming.com. Just like PBBans, if a clan registers a server under their PBBans account and they get a new server neglecting to remove their old one PBBans will refuse the connection and cause the log line in their scripts. Just to clarify. . . we ARE NOT associated with PBBans. Just because we use PBUCON to accept streams does not mean we are working with, or for, PBBans. However once I talk to maydax im sure this will all be sorted out. Until the site is ready for launch and ready to open the doors, we will not be setting anything up with PBBans. Whats the point of taking a half drawn picture to an artist and saying "Put this in your gallery" if its half painted? Its very simple. PBUCON requires the servers to PBUCON session to be opened with certain credentials. This would mean a server list. (not required by streaming via the default repo method "pb_sv_logaddr") If a server registers with PGL (or PBBans) then the repo will attempt to connect to it (whether its PBBans or PGL). If the server DOES NOT have the proper login information for the server in its scripts, the connection is refused (by PGL, or PBBans. . . meaning if they have a server owned by an old PBBans member that is registered. . . it will indeed refuse the connection). It does NOT take a rocket scientists to discuss politics. We are not PBBans, however we plan on enlisting to stream our servers to you. Until the league site launches you will not hear from me. I need to discuss this with someone that actually understands the PBUCON protocol before they start giving me orders.
  4. -g2.-De.-Ciph3r-.eD

    Added New Server IP, Deleted Old One

    Also, on a side note. PGL was in beta testing when the "beta tester" registered his gameservers.com server with us. I can't help the fact he decided to go elsewhere, but what I can help is a very simple system that you guys at PBBans mastered long ago. Please get a consultant from your programming team to respond before you go asking me to cease and desist. Has the issue resolved itself since your original post (user who had the issue)?.
  5. -g2.-De.-Ciph3r-.eD

    Added New Server IP, Deleted Old One

    Ouch. Umm, ask your admins at PBBans. A PB UCON repo does not work the same way a "pb_sv_logaddr" works. It will not connect unless the software is designed to open the session. Meaning: If the server is not in a database that the program can read and open the session, it will not open the session. Ill try to break it down. His server ip used to be owned by another clan. They registered the server because they were a beta tester for PGL and wanted to stream to PGL using the same method PBBans, and GameViolations uses (PBUCON). The way it works (here, and there) is the server needs to be registered and put into a list that will allow the program (or repo) to connect and open the session. If the server does not have the scripts installed (to enable the session) then no connection will be made. It does not have anything to do with someone "not knowing how it works" especially coming from you. I do apologize and am not trying to be rude. . . but its a VERY simple issue. Server IP: Registered at PGL for PBUCON streaming. Owner closed the account, and the server IP was given to a new customer (jschmuck2 did you recently by this server from gameservers.com?). The IP: was never unregistered and removed from the PGL database (its PBUCON just like PBBans and gameviolations), so the software automatically tries to connect to the servers that are "registered". I removed the server from our DB so the repo software (or shall I say PBUCON) is no longer attempting to connect. The exact same thing happens to PBBans on a regular basses simply because if someone running "PBBans" configs stops paying their bill, and someone else picks up the IP. . . PBBans will attempt to connect and be refused. Its the way the system works. . . . Read up on it. http://www.google.com/search?q=PB+UCON+Packet+Ignored+%22pbbans%22&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a
  6. -g2.-De.-Ciph3r-.eD

    Added New Server IP, Deleted Old One

    A repository is a repository. Im not using the default method designed by EB. Im using a PBUCON session just like you guys. I simply meant a Repository (Depository) for logs. Also, on a side note, I plan on setting up an account similar to what I had when I was apart of TWL. Maydax set most of that up, however ill be more then happy to send you whatever info you will need. This is not relevant to your GSP. They will not be able to control who "connects" to your server. The log line represents the fact that PGL was "trying" to connect to your game server and the connection was refused (working as designed by evenbalance). The only reason you are seeing this line, is because someone signed that server up to "accept" the connection and now that they no longer own the server (you do) its still attempting to connect (but being refused because your not allowing it in your scripts). Hope this helps.
  7. -g2.-De.-Ciph3r-.eD

    Added New Server IP, Deleted Old One

    Please allow 30 minutes for the repo to stop attempting to connect. It is designed to automatically connect to the servers ONLY listed in the master server list (it will STOP trying to connect to servers that are not).
  8. -g2.-De.-Ciph3r-.eD

    Added New Server IP, Deleted Old One

    I do apologize, but this IP is registered with PGL so the repo tries to connect. The issue is simple. . . . the server belonged to someone else previously and the IP was not "Un-Registered". I have removed it from PGLs database, and you should no longer see this issue. Thanks PBBans for bringing this to my attention. Also, I do apologize to the user for the issue. It is resolved.
  9. According to AON i am no longer streaming. Is this an AON issue, or a PBBans issue?
  10. -g2.-De.-Ciph3r-.eD

    Is streaming?

    Its been back up for 2 weeks, and now it seems down again.
  11. -g2.-De.-Ciph3r-.eD

    Is streaming?

    Seems its still down :-(
  12. -g2.-De.-Ciph3r-.eD

    Is streaming?

    ACI says they arent receiving my logs either....is it a hub issue?
  13. -g2.-De.-Ciph3r-.eD

    Is streaming?

    ACI says im not streaming either. . . Sux, because we just had this: http://clangoat.com/gotu2MajSiriu$.jpg
  14. -g2.-De.-Ciph3r-.eD

    Is streaming?

    Rgr. Yapple2 @ AON says that no servers that are streaming to the hub are responding. I am still awaiting response from reaper @ ACI to check the status of my log forwarding there. Thanks, and if you guys hear anything lemme know.
  15. -g2.-De.-Ciph3r-.eD

    Is streaming?

    R u sure? Apparently AON is not receiving any logs from any HUB servers, along with ACI.

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