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  1. .:BoS:.SkyTrooper

    Fix PunkBuster Evenbalance!

    FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. .:BoS:.SkyTrooper

    duplicate profile

    no files where copied over both are on the same box differant dir.
  3. .:BoS:.SkyTrooper

    duplicate profile

    Got an extra server set up with same ip "" differant port 20100 other streaming server port is same ip port is 20300 after setting up pb i used hlsw and got this error any sudjestions other than changing my ip ? Thanks for your services and help pbbans. skytrooper 21:58:08 ^3PunkBuster Server: PB UCON Profile not added due to duplicate profile name (pbbans)
  4. .:BoS:.SkyTrooper

    PBSS tip

    I have our server set up to auto take our screenshots to this site. PB Auto screenshots
  5. .:BoS:.SkyTrooper

    Useing weapon NOT available

    It is an exploit as he said and the guy that did it would have to do allot of playing around to figure out what the command is to select a weapon that is not on the menu selection. There is some food for your thought.
  6. .:BoS:.SkyTrooper

    Punkbuster Client: No Master Query Sent

    Being no one else has added if this issue has been fixed or not would like to point out that A friend had the same issues and he updated his mother board drivers and his problem was fixed as for myself I did nothing and finally this issue is no longer “welcome to the twilight zone” :)
  7. .:BoS:.SkyTrooper


    Personally a z_no_fog.pk3 should be considered a cheat and the person should be banned for it, it is no different than any other pk3 hack it would give the player an advantage of viewing another player when other player can not. But wow why is this not considered a cheat ban able. Gringo if you would get with me later on this would like to know which team member has or had this in there base dir.
  8. .:BoS:.SkyTrooper

    Punkbuster Client: No Master Query Sent

    I run an ati psi xpress200 and since this update my game freezes up for about 40 secounds or more on first login after that it freezes up per map for a few secounds
  9. .:BoS:.SkyTrooper

    banned? (sof2)

    Just like he said it is a ban from our server I was on there just for a few heard some of this issue I do know that VooDoo requested that you stayed baned from server as well as forums. I am sorry that this has happened I dont know the whole story I do know that your guid is linked to punksbusted and pbbans master band list. Sorry some times your past catches up with you. If any adimins want this info please message me and ill give it to you. We all must keep in mind when we share our key we share the results there character this is why we dont share keys not even with our kids ! "when you cheat in a game you will try to cheat in life and in the end you will cheat yourself" We dont want this in our game server most of us earn our way Have a good holiday I will talk with voodoo on this and see what can be done but you must keep in mind your guid was link to bad things not only here but with punksbusted and we try to keep it a cheat free world over there for us, I dont know you or your character I myself have never had a problem with you when you have been on there as well as I dont have a problem in giving a chance we will see what happens I am easy to get in touch with through msn [email protected]
  10. .:BoS:.SkyTrooper

    Punkbuster Client: No Master Query Sent

    Never thought of that Yea i got it ill update and see what happens.
  11. .:BoS:.SkyTrooper

    Punkbuster Client: No Master Query Sent

    I know when mine does the Query my game freezes up on me for about 10 secounds or more Than it is all good to go would love to figure out why my game freezes up within a few secounds of entering the game as well as when the mapcycles it does it for a split secound after that im good to go. says something like "Master Query sent" Just started doing this to me around the 16th ive tried everything tweaked my process last program I installed was Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition. Cant figure out what the prob is but I can play ; }
  12. .:BoS:.SkyTrooper


    type error its 100
  13. .:BoS:.SkyTrooper


    creat a file and call it sof2game.cfg exec in game as normal in console exec yourfile.cfg there ya go seta cg_fov "80" // or what ever you want it to be mine is " 100" seta cg_crosshairFriendRGBA "0,0,1,1" /// makes it turn black when on a friend seta cg_crosshairRGBA "1,0,0,1" /// bright red lazer dot some what seta cg_crosshairGrow "0" /// dont like my crosshair to get big seta cg_crosshairSize "9" /// real small cross hair i use a dot try 25 instead

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