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  1. HI Joker nice to see you here, and on the staff team, Never knew you was envolved in PBBan's We use it for all our servers, it's king for finding out fast, info using GUIDS. And is the best streaming service out there,

    Anyway just saying Hi,

    Regards PaulStorm {PnX} Team Phoenix

  2. {PST}*Joker

    Welcome Back 2009

    Excellant work!!
  3. {PST}*Joker


    Still around? Never left ;) Just modding modding modding modding modding *LOL*
  4. {PST}*Joker


    Only help I can give you is if you are running an Unranked server (( Modded )) Which is on the eXtreme+ forums in the Downloads section www.mycallofduty.com
  5. Game: COD2 Clantag: {PST}
  6. Game: COD2 Clantag: {PST}
  7. Game: COD2 Clantag: {PST}
  8. Game: COD2 Clantag: {PST}
  9. {PST}*Joker

    I forgot to restart the server before I went to bed. Ill do that right after work today and post back here when it is done. Thanks
  10. Game: COD2 Clantag: {PST}
  11. Game: COD2 Clantag: {PST}

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