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  1. Thanks for adding me :-)

    Catch you on Twitter sometime

    Twitter = TeamPnX

    Regards Paul

  2. Thanks for adding me MaydaX catch you on Twitter some time

    Regards PaulStorm

    Twitter TeamPnX

  3. HI Joker nice to see you here, and on the staff team, Never knew you was envolved in PBBan's We use it for all our servers, it's king for finding out fast, info using GUIDS. And is the best streaming service out there,

    Anyway just saying Hi,

    Regards PaulStorm {PnX} Team Phoenix

  4. PaulStorm

    i . Munk guid 849df4c7

    Hi ;-) could any one explain why this banned player does not show up on PunksBusted GUID Check or the clan base one ?
  5. PaulStorm

    i . Munk guid 849df4c7

    OMG ! lol Hi Joker :-) Its a small world m8 good to see you m8 ! and i pormise not to fight with Munk on the Fsfa servers I got to much repsect for you all there ;-)
  6. PaulStorm

    i . Munk guid 849df4c7

    Well thank you so much! So all I need to do is keep my CD-key safe and ill be fine form this hacker! A friend of mine just explained to me it
  7. PaulStorm

    i . Munk guid 849df4c7

    Here is a link to info regarding gamezadmin http://www.gamezadmin.com/ with this tool we can copy the players guid to the clipboard, although i do not know how to change my guid for the game COD4 if some one was clued up could they somehow insert the copied guid into their own game and pretend to be me ? And then get me a ban? omg ! this has me very concerned, sorry if I did not understand your previous reply, as I have read that players guid are cloned or stolen, or I
  8. PaulStorm

    i . Munk guid 849df4c7

    Oh one other thing ! as im using gamezadmin rcon tool, i can copy players guids ! whats stopping me form using them guids to change mine and pretend to be that player! im quiet worryed as they have mentioned they will get us for this :-( But we did not do anything to them and never have,
  9. PaulStorm

    i . Munk guid 849df4c7

    I agree totally with you! And I been telling them all along its very very unlikely! But as they have so much face to lose they will try anything to make it look like he was hacked, they keep telling me it
  10. PaulStorm

    i . Munk guid 849df4c7

    Hi all 1st introduction My name is PaulStorm CL for Team Phoenix Recently we had a player allegedly using multihacks ID 131772 http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-accbans-ab1868.html the player is disputing the ban furiously, saying that he was hacked and somehow a person installed a hack and remotely joined our server, and got him the global ban, I looked at the issue as he was a former clan m8, and he was suggesting we hacked him ! There is history as he one time he managed to guess our admin password and logged into our admin section and deleted all our plug-in, we made a vid about this http://uk.video.yahoo.com/watch/4312231%E2...=en-gb/11583969 ok after his clan m8 kept on and on about the possibility that it was us that did this, I decided to look into the possibility of his claims, although none of our clan would have the knowhow i tried some experiments of my own. Using windows remote assistance, form my laptop to my games pc I took control of my games pc and managed to lunch call of duty 4, and then join a steaming server through xfire, although the game was unplayable on the laptop, I still managed to lunch the game and join a streaming server, I was a little shocked by this, as it proved that if somehow a person could get past all the normal windows security and get in to the host. They could in fact do this. I'm also assuming that if they can remotely operate his pc it's also possible to install software (Hacks). Although personally I feel he did this himself, as he has hacked into our web before and he took down our site. But being a mature 42 years old I wanted to be sure his claims that we or some could not do this to him. Hence my own test, so my question is, could a person be a victim in this way? It seems that all a hacker needs to do it get remote accesses to the host pc, i am aware of many legal remote tools on the market, and therefore many illegal ones. So basically what if a player got such a tool and took over his pc, installed a hack and joined a server, remotely, his ip and guid would be the hosts and therefore get the host pc owner a global ban! Disturbing but it seems possible what checks do PBBans do to rule out this situation? Or do they assume if a hack is recorded that the owner if the PC is guilty? But as I mentioned before this is a crazy thing to do and personally my findings are, he is the biggest liar I've ever meet, but he did raise this interesting argument, although he would say this, and he is an admin in his own clan, and to be found guilty is simply disastrous for him and his clan, but I do not trust him at all, but technically is his claim is possible ! or am I missing something ? Thank you Regards Paul

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