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  1. Slow


    Hey Ace, all you need to do is put the correct ip in. Then, you can put anything you want as the server name.....for instance - j, q, frd, lkhjsdf......it doesn't matter. Once you've saved it, click the quick refresh and the correct name will pop up there.
  2. Slow

    Latest Banned Player

    This is what the log stated. I think it was a timezone issue like foxdie said. I'm just a rook here guys, still learning the whole pb thing...LOL Anyways, thanks for your quick reply's.
  3. Slow

    Latest Banned Player

    Thanks. One more question, the screen shot size...I've played around with some numbers but nothing doing. How can I adjust it to show the full screen, or is this possible?
  4. Slow

    Latest Banned Player

    Click the following link and look at the player at the top...Sid Liyne http://pbbans.com/mbi.php?action=6&game_id=18 I noticed this player tried to join my server last night, he was kicked, not banned. I use the HUB and was just wondering if my server has been set up properly by myself. Or, if it was just a time zone difference. Here is what I found in my pbbans.dat. [01.09.2007 19:04:20] 3eef70aa8d353f1fffc519bbd37dcdb4 "sid liyne" "" PBBansHub!MULTIHACK Anyways, he was in my server at an earlier time, he got busted later on that night. I'm curious as to why he could get onto mine, but get banned from another server. Maybe I failed to set up my configs properly? I don't know, just curious is all.... I am new to the punkbuster thing, I've never had it running prior to signing up with PBBans. We've always ran a private server so the use of punkbuster has never been needed....very tight-knit group and all. Thanks in advance for your response.
  5. Yeah, that's where I was looking, was just wondering if there was a list of possible kicks somewhere.
  6. OK, thanks guys. One more question...is the a specific list of the "kicks" somewhere I could look at? Just for my reference.
  7. OK, I set up HUB and am streaming. What is my next step? I've noticed punkbuster kicking a couple of guys for MD5 tool: [01.07.2007 12:11:40] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9013: escbob (slot #9) Ignoring MD5Tool Queries [43bd3191578e29af026cbcd65357cb6d(VALID)] What does this mean? I know this guy, he's not a cheat. Is this bad?
  8. Remove Server from Rep stream list? Yes Benway, thanks
  9. I now want to change to the HUB please. HUB Game: Cod2 Clantag; =ESC=
  10. Slow


    Thanks RodeoBob! Very nice site bro.
  11. Slow


    Where can I find the PBBans sig?? I've looked, but no luck finding it. I want to use it in the forums on our website.
  12. OK, I think I have it right, please try again.

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