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  1. Good luck with that ISP's
  2. It'll just about run CoD4 800x600 and everything else on minimum, shyt m8 :(
  3. Main PC has been dead, has been for about 3yrs, but I should be getting another pretty soon, thank god lol. I cant smoke amber leaf, tastes like anaseed to me, Don't start again m8.
  4. Stuck with this until I get a proper PC, again.
  5. Couldn't agree more, iPad this iPhone that, iCouldntgiveafuck :)
  6. Report them to EA or apply a local server ban.
  7. AcE


  8. Looks like a ballhack to me lol
  9. As I said on irc last night... Your ban has been removed from PBBans, but you will still find your GUID is stll banned from some servers because those servers aren't streaming, but are using our public banlist. When a GUID is banned on a streaming server it's automaticly banned on all other streaming servers for that game. When a GUID is unabnned from PBBans it's also unbanned, again automaticly from all streaming servers for that game. Server admins that don't stream and use our public banlist update manually (not automaticly). So, when the server admins of the servers you're still getting a
  10. That GUID is PBBans banned, but not globally banned. Global bans come straight from PB themselves and render the persons CDKEY useless on all PB enabled servers.
  11. OK I'll have a look, ty.
  12. AcE

    Incredible ban

    You'll need to ask RA why.
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