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  1. Amen. They may the Lidl or Aldi of game hosting providers but they're still a million times better and cheaper than Multiplay. To quote the orange man himself...
  2. Once more back into the fray

  3. Just wanted to thank you Nick for recommending this game. Its brilliant and i have clocked a lot of hours on the single player and some on the co-op so far.
  4. Heard this is going to be a complete port with no fancy pc graphics or dx11. Very disappointing.
  5. Pre-ordered on steam. Really looking forward to this, hope its not a disappointment.
  6. Thanks Nick, this is brilliant game. The graphics @ 1440p on Ultra are breath taking.
  7. Just another day at kicking ass. Zombies mode is so much fun, just wish we had some better people to play it with. Joe publics are really bad at this game, they always drop out inside the first 5-10 rounds once they go down. You can now pack a punch guns more than once, in one of these screenshots i pack a punched the M8A1 3 times and as you can see it suddenly became a weapon of death from the future. Great stuff!
  8. Put him on ignore Nick. (love the new Smilies, i wondered where Maydax kept pulling them from)
  9. I might have to have another butchers then Nick if its that good. I guess its come on a bit since i made that comment earlier.
  10. I can only speak for the single player and zombie campaigns, but i really like black ops 2.
  11. Take a bow Treyarch. They really know how to make a solid single player fps. Loved the first black ops campaign story, loved the second even more. Puts Dice's bf3 single player to shame. Now for zombies!
  12. Max Payne 3 £7. Brilliant single player game. I loved it. Like all the previous max paynes as well mind you. :)
  13. Thanks for the good explanations surfy/Fozzer. Its still worrying though when it appears its extremely easy for someone to hack someones origin account.
  14. So assuming the IP's were different you wouldn't be calling for his head on a platter?
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